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Piranha Football Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the 2010 Class.  The new members are: Andy Breault (quarterback), Desi Washington (running back), Doug Seidenstricker (free safety), Roger Crosby (strong safety), and Harold Williams II (cornerback).  The 2010 Class will be honored during the Piranha game on August 14, 2010 against the Northeast Eagles.  Click here to view the Calss of 2010 article.

The Piranha Football Hall of Fame was established in 2008. This component was created to honor those who have been a solid foundation for the "Winning Tradition" of Piranha football. Current team owner, Ron Kerr, revived the idea from the previous regime, of starting the Piranha Football Hall of Fame. "I think we as an organization owe it to the players and staff members, to provide some form of recognition for their years of service."

It's only fitting that the inaugural class of the Piranha Football Hall of Fame consisted of four individuals that were there from the beginning, and helped pave the way for the "Winning Tradition". The 2008 inductees were: Lynn Mateer, Steve Gerhart, Steve Saunders, and Dave Kmiecik. Ron Kerr comments, "All of these people spent countless hours away from their families to be with the Piranha Football Family. They built the foundation for the guys that wear the Silver & Black today, and the respect that we (Piranha) get is a direct reflection of their hard work and effort."

Each year, new members will be inducted into the Piranha Football Hall of Fame.

Lynn Mateer - Class of 2008

Steve Saunders - Class of 2008

Steve Gerhart - Class of 2008

Dave Kmiecik - Class of 2008

Andy Wagenheim - Class of 2009

Dan McMunn - Class of 2009

Roman Morris - Class of 2009

Tom Porr - Class of 2009

Walter Bland - Class of 2009

Andy Breault - Class of 2010

Desi Washington - Class of 2010

Doug Seidenstricker - Class of 2010

Roger Crosby - Class of 2010

Harold Williams II - Class of 2010