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Saturday, April 6
New Concussion Information! Click Here

Piqua Youth Soccer will require all head coaches, assistant coaches, referees, assistant referees, etc, to follow the PYSA concussion policy.  These procedures are designed to comply with recently passed Ohio legislation concerning concussion in youth sports.  It will be necessary to complete a concussion training course every three (3) years.The training is free, and can be found at http://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=38000

This online course will require you to click on the "order here” button to begin the training.  It will ask you to complete a brief registration form prior to beginning the course, which is solely for the purpose of registering you in their data base as having successfully completed the online material.  After you have completed this course you will be given the option to print out a personalized certificate of completion (It is suggested that this certificate by printed out in pdf format, otherwise your name may not appear on this certificate). Your certificate can also be stored on the site for future use.

Second: The second portion of the PYSA Concussion policy is the Removal-From and Return-to-Play procedure.  Any athlete exhibiting signs and symptoms of concussion either during a practice or during a game MUST be immediately removed.  This athlete MAY NOT return to play nor participate in any PYSA activity on the same day that he or she has been removed (even if a written medical clearance is provided).
In addition, the athlete is not permitted to return to play or participate in any PYSA activity until he or she has been assessed and received written clearance by a physician or by another licensed health care provider.  A Return-to-Play form must be submitted to the coach prior to allowing the athlete to participate in any activity with the athlete’s team, whether it be a practice or a game situation.


Other Information 

Youth Concussion Information Sheet

Helpful for Educating Parents 
 Concussion Notification Form

  Use This Form for a Suspected Concussion.

Return to Play

Must be completed before returning to play. 

Healthy Ohio Site (Concussion)   State of Ohio Return to Play Law. 
 NHFS On Line Training Log On, Register, Train, Save, and Print Your Certificate 
 Signs and Symptoms of Concussion Place on your clipboard in preparation
for a suspected concussion.