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Registration IS Saturday, March 15 & 22 / 10:00 AM to 4:00PM

                       For registration Info Contact Nick Davidson at

570-8604     nhdavids@woh.rr.com 

(Only two dates to sign up)


 Pre-school Ages 4-5 Yrs. Old $20 per child

Ages 6-13(Age on August 1 2014)

$35 for One (1) Child;

$65 for Two (2) Children;

$95 for Three (3) Children;

$125 Maximum for Four (4) or more Children

*No Co-Ed This Year(14-17 age group)*

PYSA does offer on line registration for our players to sign up.  But we feel it is best to meet in person to answer any questions that may come up. It also gives an opportunity to try on sample uniforms, sign up for coaching or volunteering, and meet board members.

Piqua Youth Soccer is now using electronic registration, also credit cards are now accepted.  Each family will need to create an account online at sports.bluesombrero.com/piquayouthsoccer.  A family account can be created at the mall during registration, or you can save time by creating an account online before the registration dates.  Once on the website, click on the "Register" button in the top right corner of the screen then fill out the required information.  (Each family is required to create an account with Blue Sombrero to be able to register for soccer this year.) If registering ahead of time, bring your username and password with you to the mall for registration.  An account can be created online ahead of time, however, registration can only be completed at the mall during these two days.


 Preschool Preschool league will be limited to 4 and 5 year olds.

 Fundraising  PYSA has determined that all divisions / leagues will be required to participate in fund raising with the exception of pre-school. If you decide to participate in the fundraiser by selling the provided product (candy bars) you will be required to sell the entire amount. In other words you will not be able to sell a partial box and turn the rest in.  Candy sales are a part of each Childs league fees. So if you decide to participate in the fundraiser, but do not wish to sell the supplied product, a $30 FEE in lieu of candy sales can be paid at time of registration.

  PYSA / Challenger Camp Look for a representative from Challenger at registration(march 22) for chance to sign up. (On line registration also available)

 Parent Code of Conduct   This is an agreement stating, in full page format, that at all times the parents and guests will act in a respectful manner. The form also lists steps that PYSA can take in cases where the policy is being abused. We do not anticipate conduct problems this season, but this will aid us in dealing with any issues. It is a requirement that the form be signed at registration for the child to participate in any PYSA activity.

 Player Travel The following teams will travel to Troy, Covington, West Milton, Franklin-Monroe, and Newton.    8-9 Boys  ,  10-11 Girls and Boys  ,  12-13 Girls and Boys.


Tuesday, February 4
Co-Ed News

If you or someone you know planed on signing up for the Co-Ed league, this message may be of interest to you. Due to a lack of participation, and issues with coordination of the league, PYSA (Co-Ed  14-18 years old) will not participate in the Darke-Miami S.A.Y league for the 2014 season. This is not to say PYSA will not participate in years to come. There are still opportunities to play soccer if you wish. The high school team is always looking for talented soccer players. There is also a Covington-Bradford Co-Ed team that plays in S.A.Y. Select soccer may be another option for some players.

Saturday, April 6
New Concussion Information! Click Here

Piqua Youth Soccer will require all head coaches, assistant coaches, ...

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