Piqua Youth Soccer Association: Welcome

The "With Skill and Confidence" Campaign

Donations Received: $ 50

1% Goal
$ 5,000

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 Piqua Youth Soccer (PYSA) provides an oportunity for all youth, 4-13, to play recreational soccer.  Preactices start in late July with games starting 4 weeks later ending in October. 

 **Special Announcement**

The Piqua Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors has decided to offer the option of selling Jacks Links beef jerky instead of candy for those who request to do so. They will be $2 packages, and each player will need to sell 30 for a total of $60. If you do not request this option you will be required to sell 60 World’s Finest candy bars at $1 each for a total of $60. Prizes awarded will be based on dollars of sales not quantity. If you wish to sell the beef jerky you must send your request to do so to Kenny Deal prior to July 10, 2015

PYSA is part of Darke-Miami SAY (Soccer Association for Youth).




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