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Friday, August 18
USS Heat Guidelines
Handout: USS Heat Guidelines

Friday, August 19
New Lightning and Thunder Protocol

After reviewing information from the National Lightning Safety Institute, NCYSA has adopted a new protocol for lightning safety which will go into effect immediately (October 15, 2014).

No more counting to determine whether to halt play. The new protocol goes like this:

If you see lightning, clear the field.

If you hear thunder, clear the field.

Play will be halted for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If no lightning is spotted during the 30minutes and/or no thunder is heard during the 30 minutes, play will resume.

If lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard during the 30 minute period, the clock starts over.

No play will resume until a minimum of 30 minutes passes with no thunder and/or no lightning.

The North Carolina Soccer Referee Association is in full support of this new NCYSA protocol.

ALL NCSRA referees are being notified of this new protocol and are being instructed to impose the new protocol effective immediately.

Thunder and lightning is extremely unpredictable.

The threat is too dangerous and it just isn’t worth taking the chance.


Friday, August 19
Header Policy (Update)

August 29, 2016  

Greetings All,

Since the last email on heading was sent to you, NCYSA received a number of emails and calls on the issue. The policy presented last week was based entirely on that which was presented by the U S Soccer Federation. Just as many of you have done, so to have many others contacted the Federation voicing their concerns. NCYSA spoke with the Federation late Friday afternoon and shared with them the many calls and emails from our members. It has been shared with NCYSA recently and again on Friday that the Federation is already looking at implementing a policy change that reads….NO HEADING for all small sided play (12U and younger). To address the major concern from you regarding 12U teams playing 11U teams and younger (which called for no heading for the 11U team and heading allowed for the 12U team), a Special Called Meeting of the NCYSA Executive Board took place over the weekend to address a change in our policy. The EXBD agreed that NCYSA should make a revision and voted to do so. That said, the policy for NCYSA regarding heading will be as follows. This supersedes all other emails on this subject. NO HEADING is allowed in any small sided match (12U and younger). In matches for 13U and older, the roster/team could include 12U and younger players. A 12U player on the 13U roster/team, may head the ball. For the player 11U or younger playing on a 13U team or older, if heading occurs by a player 11U and younger, the referee will not stop play and issue an indirect free kick. It would be very difficult for a referee to be able during the run of play to determine if a player that heads the ball is 11U or younger or 12U and older. As stated by the Federation, it will be the coach and parent’s responsibility to “police” a child 11U and younger on heading in a 13U and older match. THIS INFORMATION CAN ALSO BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE:

If you have additional questions, let us know.

Keith Price President / North Carolina Youth Soccer Chairman / NCYSA Risk Management

Header Policy

Friday, August 19
Concussion an Heat safety

Coaches and Parents: This is a very informative links to vital information that can help us with our players.


Heat and Hydration:

Friday, August 19
Goal Safety
Coaches and Parents this is information on PGSC's policy when it comes to goal safety.

Wednesday, March 29
Osgood schlatters disease

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