Pinellas Sports Officials Association: MEETING MINUTES

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Monday, January 6th, 2014 @ Largo High School 5:30PM
  • Meeting was called to order at 5:31PM by President, Thom Tiedeman.
  • Thom talked about cold and warm weather PSOA, FHSAA Softball uniforms.
  • Thom wore "cold" weather uniform which consisited of and is approved by FHSAA;FHSAA embroidered hat, FHSAA embroidered powder blue or navy blue shirt (both umpires MUST wear same color shirt), Navy blue Jacket with powder blue stripes on both shoulders, navy turtleneck shirt, heather gray western style pants, black belt with silver buckle (no big buckles), two navy ball bags, black socks and black shoes that are to be shined. Thom emphasized that the umiform MUST be clean and neat at ALL times!
  • Darold Osborne, Vice President, wore "warm" weather uniform which consisted of and is approved by the FHSAA; FHSAA embroidered hat, FHSAA embroidered powder blue or navy shirt (both umpires MUST wear same color shirt), white undershirt (plain with no print) or navy undershirt (plain with no print if wearing navy FHSAA embroidered shirt), heather gray western style pants, black belt with silver buckle (no big buckles), two navy ball bags, black socks and black shoes that areto be shined. Darold also emphasized that the uniform MUST be clean and neat at ALL times!
  • Thom talked about the accessories that are needed to be carried in the ball bags; line-up card holder, indicator and plate brush. He also advised that the HOME PLATE umpire MUST call his/her partner 24 hrs. prior to the scheduled game and for the first umpire to arrive at game site to notify the coaches the umpires are present. When both umpires are present on site, be sure to meet with the Athletic Director or School Administrator who is on site to show your JLA card, it is a MUST!!
  • Thom also talked about the Pre-Game Conference. As a plate umpire, we MUST legally read the entire "Contest Official's Pre-Game Sportsmanship Statement card".
  • Thom talked about changing facilities. Some schools do not have a changing area for us. We must be discreet and hidden away from the players and fans.
  • Thom also read the Treasurer's report in Patric's absence.
  • Darold demonstrated the 12 umpire signals that we can use during a game.
  • Tom Ulbrich informed everyone about the two mini training clinics that he arranged for all of the new umpires and any "veteran" umpires who want to attend and be evaluated to what level games the umpire can handle. Tom is also seeking to schedule a mini clinic at Osceola High School as well. Tom stated he will have the mini clinics sured up by our next meeting on Monday, January 13th at Largo High School, Room A-25 at 6PM.
  • Charlie Owens stated we have several Pre-Season Tournaments scheduled for January 29th & 30th.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 6:16PM by Gary Merlino and seconded by Joe Apple. 
Monday, January 13th, 2014 @ Largo High School 6PM
  • Meeting was called to order at 6:02PM by PSOA President, Thom Tiedeman.
  • Thom talked in length about the 2014 FHSAA Background ID card mandate for all FHSAA officials state wide. He stated that as we all know, as PCAC umpires we must have our JLA cards to officiate on any county school property. We paid over $100 and the FHSAA is asking everyone to buy another FHSAA ID card that is in uniformity for all associations throughout the state, which would cost us an additional $40. Thom stated that he is going to speak with Nick Grasso about this situation and give us an update as soon as he talks with Nick in detail.
  • Patric Beauchamp read the Treasurer's report.
  • Charlie Owens stated that as of now we are not be in uniformity with the rest of the FHSAA associations and come playoff time will there be a problem with us not having the new "official" ID card? Thom said the FHSAA should honor our JLA cards until they expire since we paid more than what the new state ID card will cost and we get the same background checks that the "official" ID background requires!
  • Darold Osborne talked about the new pitching rules for 2014 that all pitchers MUST have both feet on the pitcher's plate and within the confines of the pitcher's plate before delivery....No more step back off of the pitcher's plate!
  • Joe Apple talked about all members knowing our website address and checking it daily for valuable information. He also talked about receiving two more website sponsors and thanked Richie Ryals and Patric Beauchamp and his family for their sposorship. Gerry Davis Sports is our other sponsor, offering us 7.5% discount on most products.
  • Tom Ulbrich had an in depth presentation on the Obstruction rules. A rule some of us still get confused about, but Tom made sure we have a full understanding of these rules.
  • Thom Tiedeman said our next training meeting will be held Sunday, January 26th from   12:30 - 3:30PM at the Military Museum in Largo and asked all members to please be sure to be present between 1 - 1:30PM because the BOD will present awards to some of our members of excellence. All members are allowed to bring one guest and to please RSVP Patric Beauchamp no later than January 19th. Info is on this website on the "Announcements" page!
  • Meeting was adjourned at 7:02PM by Darold Osborne and seconded by Gary Merlino.
  •  Meeting was called to order at 12:35PM by PSOA President, Thom Tiedeman.
  • Thom and Darald Osborne, PSOA VP announced several of our members who received awards from the FHSAA Administration office in Gainesville, for their excellent professionalism and years served as an FHSAA Softball Official.
  • Charlie Owens, PSOA Booking Agent, handed out our first Pre-Season Tournaments umpire schedule. Games will be played at Pinellas Park, Canterbury and Osceola High Schools. He also said we will work a few more PCAC Invitational Tournaments scheduled in early March.
  • Patric Beauchamp read the Treasurer's report.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 1:33PM by Darald Osborne and seconded by Dan Miller. 
  • Meeting was called to order at 6:07PM by PSOA President, Thom Tiedeman.
  • No "old" business.
  • Patric read the Treasurer's Report.
  • Darald Osborne, PSOA VP talked about the importance of calling your partner the day before scheduled game.
  • Tom Ulbrich, PSOA Training Chairman, talked about the DP/Flex and the confusion coaches and umpires has been having with the rule.Tom spoke in great length about scenerios with the DP/Flex in use during a game.
  • Tom also spoke about "Unreported Subs" and the penalties, etc.
  • Charlie Owens, PSOA Booking Agent, distributed the next round of schedules.
  • Thom Tiedeman introduced our new member, Lou Crispiano to our PSOA family.
  • Thom stated our next training meeting is TBD and he told all present to visit our website daily for great information.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 7:01PM by Rick Parker and seconded by Dana Glow.




  • Meeting was called to order at 6:09PM by PSOA President, Thom Tiedeman.
  • No "old" business
  • Thom discussed what is going on with PCAC contract negotiations for 2015 asking the general membership to think about our options for 2015 in regard to fees, etc. He also mentioned that the PSOA has NOT received an increase in umpire / referee fees since 2006!
  • Thom and Charlie Owens, PSOA Booking Agent, discussed the 2015 FHSAA Softball Umpires Clinic that we are hosting.Thom said the location is going to be at Eddie C Moore Complex in Clearwater on a Saturday for 9.5 hours, as required per the FHSAA to be a certified clinic. He also named the six Instructors, all from the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas. Date and time TBD.
  • Charlie Owens named the PSOA members who are going to be used for the 2014 FHSAA Softball Playoff Series. Richie Ryals made a motion to accept and all members present passed vote for approval.
  • Charlie also mentioned all playoff umpires to know the 3 Umpire System as we will utilize this system in District play through the State Championship Series in Vero Beach.
  • Charlie also mentioned the FHSAA will NOT use the "Arbitor" program this year for FHSAA Playoff assignments.
  • Thom Tiedeman told everyone Tom Ulbrich, PSOA Training Committee Chairman, has been selected as one of the 2014 FHSAA Softball State Championship Series Umpire Evaluator's in Vero Beach! 
  • Thom read the Treasurey report in Patric's absence.
  • Rich "Kahuna" Abasial, PSOA Elections Chairman, passed out ballots to those who did not vote by Proxy or Absentee ballot via email. All votes were counted and the winners were announced. (2015 PSOA BOD names posted on "Announcements" page of our website).
  • In closing, Thom thanked everyone for their hard work and offered everyone good luck for the upcoming playoffs.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 7:16PM by Gary Merlino and seconded by Rich Abasial.


We thank Pinellas Park and Largo High Schools for hosting our training meetings!

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