Wednesday, June 19
Pierz GBB Shot Club

New this year is the Pierz GBB is having a shot club.

You can go for 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 shots over the summer months.  It starts June 1st and runs all the way through

until the first day of school!  All you need to do is download thehandouts and record the total shots taken.

Cost- free (just fill out the form)

If you conplete such a large feat you will be added to the winter program.  You make the shot club you will get the following

 10,000- Free T-Shirt

15,000- Sweatshirt

20,000- Pullover/Shooting shirt

Goodluck and Keep shooting!


Coach Teske

Click the link below to get forms and records for the shot club!

Handout: Pierz GBB Shot Club