Phoenix Phamily: Sponsors

Marvin & Tracy Bagley - Slam Dunk Sponsor

NC A&T Logo
Marvin and Tracy spend seemingly infinite amounts of money, time developing and organizing Phoenix Phamily. Their resources are an imminent asset to the prosperity of the program. They receive absolutely NO financial profit in return for their contributions. It's all, obviously for the LOVE of the kids! GO PHAM!

Jumpin' Joe Caldwell - Slam Dunk Sponsor

Pogo Book
Olympic Gold Medalist Jumpin Joe Caldwell has supported Phoenix Phamily since it was a mere vision. Whether it be financially, morally, or with his seemingly infinite basketball knowledge, we can always count on Pogo! Click on the book cover to visit his website to learn more about his extremely interesting story!

Tyrone Washington Sr. & Felicia Caldwell - Slam Dunk Sponsor

Tyrone and Felicia played and extremely important role in the birth of Phoenix Phamily. Their finances, time, and efforts were definitely some of the necessary sacrifices needed for Phoenix Phamily to survive in the beginning. We are definitely grateful, THANK YOU!

Joni Berry - Three Point Sponsor

Joni supports Phoenix Phamily from Beverly Hills, California. We definitely appreciate her generous contribution to our program. THANK YOU!

James Mago - Three Point Sponsor

James Mago supports Phoenix Phamily from Clear Lake Shores, Texas. His contribution will really help our program tremendously! THANK YOU!

Advantage Basketball Camps - Three Point Sponsor

Advantage Logo
Advantage Basketball Camps definitely do their part in giving back to the community using the tool of basketball. Phoenix Phamily players have an absolute advantage from attending this camp! THANK YOU!

Click on the logo to the left and find an Advantage Basketball Camp near you!

Contact: Keiko Yoshimine @ 480-296-5732 or 425-670-8877 for more information!

Stacy & Kendall Dunn - Free Throw Sponsor

Auburn Logo
These team parents truly know the meaning of commitment. Stacy and Kendall have displayed the necessary sacrifices for a successful program to exist. Whether it be financially sponsoring practices, or bringing snacks and drinks for all the players at games, the Dunn's are perfect parents for any program. Phoenix Phamily wants to recognize this family for all they do! THANK YOU!

Meat Lynn Entertainment - Free Throw Sponsor

Meat Lynn Entertainment
Meat Lynn Entertainment supports Phoenix Phamily from afar, North Carolina. Owner, Demetrius Lynn is also a youth basketball coach, so he clearly understands the importance of financial support for youth programs. Phoenix Phamily sincerely thanks Mr. Lynn and Meat Lynn Entertainment! THANK YOU!

Cathedral Christian Center - Free Throw Sponsor

Cathedral Logo
Cathedral Christian Center is a loyal supporter of Phoenix Phamily, whether it be financial or moral support. They are definitely doing their part. THANK YOU!

Coulter Motor Company-Tempe - Free Throw Sponsor

Coulter Moter Company
Coulter Motor Company-Tempe, DID NOT HESITATE when the opportunity came to support our community via Phoenix Phamily Youth Basketball. We are extremely proud to have Coulter Motor Company-Tempe as teammates! THANK YOU!

Mary Davis - Free Throw Sponsor

Mary Davis is better known to the Phamily as Auntie Mary. She definitely believes in Phoenix Phamily. A Los Angeles, California resident, Auntie Mary visits Phoenix often and is sure to grab her court side seat at Phoenix Phamily games. Auntie Mary is definitely doing her part for our community! THANK YOU!

Fresh & Easy - Free Throw Sponsor

Fresh & Easy
Fresh & Easy definitely does their part by making sure their Phoenix Phamily never leaves the community without enough water! We definitely appreciate Fresh & Easy's contributions! Click on the logo to the left and find the Fresh & Easy closest to you! THANK YOU!

Richard Davies - Lay-Up Sponsor

USA Olympics
Richard Davies is a Basketball Olympic Gold Medalist from the 1964 USA Olympic Team. He obviously understands the importance of team work towards worthy causes. His financial support to Phoenix Phamily is a greatly appreciated gesture as a member of our team. Mr. Davies supports Phoenix Phamily from Loudon, Tennessee. THANK YOU!

Kelly A. Dunn - Lay-Up Sponsor


JoAnn Dunn - Lay-Up Sponsor


Pearl Clark - Lay-Up Sponsor


Ray Dunn - Lay-Up Sponsor


L. L. Casten - Lay-Up Sponsor


Dr. Salvatore A. Spicuzza - Lay-Up Sponsor


Jabari Ali (Paragon) - Lay-Up Sponsor


Shane Hendrix - Lay-Up Sponsor


Tiffany Caldwell - Lay-Up Sponsor