Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: Board Members

Board Members for the 2018 Season

These are your 2018 Board of Directors.

You can directly address any issue without going through the whole board of directors by emailing the specific board member you need to answer your specific question.

The Information email is open for all league-related general questions, registration questions and comments:  

Director Position


PHLL Address


Lorenzo Barraza

Vice President

Gary Purcella


Adrienne Benavidez


Johnny Labastida

Safety Officer

  Ernest Benavidez

Information Officer/Website Mgr

Wiley Billingsley    

Equipment Manager


Umpire In Chief

Tyler Campbell

Field Maintenance Officer

Aaron Ezzell

Site Development

Wesley Billingsley

VP of Softball

Johnny Herrera

Team Parent Coordinator

Genny Hall

Fundraising Coordinator

Richard Baca

Concessions Manager

Nghia Ngo

Player Agent Softball

Shanita Harrison

PlayerAgent Teeball Rookie


VP of Teeball&Rookies

Juan Carlos Escobedo

 Player Agent Minor Baseball

Suzanne Chavez

VP of Minor Baseball

Raymond Ferguson

Player Agent Major Baseball

Katina Walton

VP of Major Baseball

Lawrence Martinez

Player Agent Junior/Senior Baseball


Coaches Coordinator

Richard Viscarra

Board Member at Large /Asst Treasurer

Suzana Demusaj

Board Member at Large

Lindsay Rivera

VP of Juniors and Seniors Baseball

Patrick Garcia