Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: Weather Policy

Saturday, April 26
Official PHLL Policies Regarding the Weather

he Managers for the teams that are playing on days that weather may cause cancellations should check the PHLL Webstite, their email and text for updates on cancellations. If Cancellations take place at PHLL they will be communicated via the PHLL website by 4:00pm on Weekday Games and 2 hours before your game is scheduled to start on weekends. This gives Managers the ability to notify parents at least 1 hour before game time if the games are cancelled. If no notification has gone out to the Managers via text, email or on the PHLL website then plan on showing up at the fields at your normal time. At that time the Umpires and/or League Official(s) will make the final determination of player safety and playability of the fields and will cancel or delay the start of the games accordingly.

NOTE: Wind, Cold, Rain and other Weather conditions do not constitute an automatic cancellation; it is the condition of the fields themselves. Also, it is important to note we live in New Mexico and weather changes quite frequently and it could be a downpour 2 blocks from the fields and the fields are completely dry so please do not assume games are cancelled because of the weather in your specific area. The League will err on the side of playing unless there is imminent danger from lightning or clearly visible unsafe field conditions.