Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: PHLL Sponsorship

Tuesday, February 24
New Opportunities to Sponsor the League!

Please look around the section and see if there is a sponsorship you think you and your business would be interested in investing in. Paradise Hills will have a new look around the fields as businesses start draping the outfields with their banners. We'd love to have your business banner located in a prominent spot! Please see the fundraising coordinator's contact info below! Thanks for supporting Paradise Hills Little League!

Tuesday, February 24
New Sponsorship Packet On The Way

This Year at Paradise Hills Little League we will be offering 5 different levels of sponsorships for businesses that would like to market and promote their services.

Concession - $100 donation for a concession stand advertisement.

Bronze level - $250 donation for 1 banner to be placed on a PHLL field and a Little League plaque.

Silver level - $500 donation for 2 banners to be placed on PHLL fields, a Little League plaque, and an advertisement on our website.

Gold level - $1000 donation for 4 banners to be placed on PHLL fields, a Little League plaque, website advertisement, and 1 concession ad.

 Platinum level -$1500 donation for 6 banners on all six fields , a Little League plaque, a website advertisement and 2 concession ads.


At Paradise Hills Little League we are always open to donations to help improve our facilities. Every little bit will help us provide for a little league that our community can be proud of!

Please contact Nicole Dobson at for your fundraising/sponsorship opportunities or suggestions.

Thank you for your support!