Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: For Parents

Tuesday, March 28
2017 PHLL Parents Handbook

Parents!! Attached is our 2017 PHLL Parents Handbook. It's your guide for this upcoming 2017 spring season.  

Handout: 2017 PHLL Parents Handbook

Parking in Paradise
Tuesday, March 29
Parking Reminder
Parents, We have three (3) parking areas at Paradise Hills: two main lots and one overflow (between the PH-fields and the City Tennis Courts-just to the North of the fields). Please utilize the parking spaces in our 2 main parking lots and the overflow parking lot. Please DO NOT park along the sides of the access road that leads from the overflow parking lot to the main parking lot. We have had trouble with that access road being blocked. This access road is to be used by emergency vehicles in the event of a serious medical event. If cars are blocking this access point it would keep medical personnel from getting help to players. Please pay close attention to any exit/entry gates and the main parking lot along the new major field fence with the curbs painted red. These areas are for emergency/police/sheriff parking only. In addition, parking along the access road has blocked cars trying to exit the overflow parking area. Also, please refrain from parking up against the gate that leads to the overflow parking lot. Just one car parked there can make it tough on fans, players, umpires and coaches from getting to their game on time, plus we do not want fans going across the street to the Trinity Family Church lot where we do not have permission to park. PHLL staff on duty have been authorized to tow vehicles parked in these two areas Thank you in advance for not parking along this access road and emergency parking row. Respectfully, Paradise Hills Little League

Paradise Hills Little League Boundaries

Boundaries for Paradise Hills Little League (as established by NM District 8 Little League) are:
- Paseo Del Norte Boulevard to the South,
- Golf Course Road to the East and
- The Bernalillo County line to the North and West.

Please see the boundary map below.  For those residing outside of the boundaries of Paradise Hills Little League please visit the NM District 8 web site at
for information on surrounding area Little Leagues.

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