Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: PHLL League Registration

Friday, February 5


Late Registration Date & Time

This Saturday, February 6, 2016 

Paradise Hills Little League Concession Building 

 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

**To Expedite Registration, register online prior to Saturday and bring in the required documentation for residency verification!!  See PHLL approved documents below.... 

Online Registration 

To Register Online  (CLICK HERE )


 To determine the players Leage Age:   League Age Calculator

Cost is $110 for Registration + ($60 to buy fundraising goods OR $40 buyout option)

Note: with the fundraising goods (chocolate or peeler cards) you pay $60 upfront, take the goods, when you sell the goods you keep the money from the sale.

 Multi child discounts:

  •  2nd Child: Base Registration $90 + $60 w/Fundraiser or $40 to Opt out of Fundraiser
  • 3rd Child: Base Registration $70 + $60 w/Fundraiser or $40 to Opt out of Fundraiser  
  • 4th Child or More: $0 Base Registration  + $60 w/Fundraiser or $40 to Opt out of Fundraiser 

 Pay via:

  •  credit card - online!!!
  • personal check and cash (if paying in person)

 **Please Note that a transaction fee of $8.48 will be charged for any credit card transaction by League One and cannot be refunded.  The refund takes 3-5 days to credit back to your credit card. 

Late Registration fee of $15 for anyone registering after January 31st

Please use our online registration tool as it will be the primary way to sign up your kids.  We willl provide PCs for you to register, but there may be a wait if others are using it before you.

Required forms/documents need to be presented in person:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Three Proof of Residency documents (multiple utility bills only count as one type of proof)
  • Medical Release (two copies)
  • Volunteer - new or returning (only if actively volunteering)

Remember, we CANNOT accept your paperwork via email

Online registration:


Keep in mind, if you live outside of the Paradise Hills boundary you cannot play the Spring season with us unless you have a waiver.  You CAN play Fall ball with us without any waivers. A new rule starting last season is if your child attends a school within our boundaries he/she can play with us in the spring. See link below which includes documents you will need to register with us. You may also play with us if:

1. The child's parent is a former or present board member, coach, volunteer with 2 years of service to the Little League

2. The Board of Directors of the Little League, with the approval of the player involved, reserves the right to continue as a player, any individual (1) whose residence changes from within the boundary to outside the league’s boundary or (2) who lives outside the league’s boundaries because of a revision of such boundaries even if the child then resides in the territory of another league. Current Major League, Minor League or Tee Ball players or any sibling whose brother or sister met the criteria under II (d) at one time may be retained. Any player meeting (1) or (2) above may be retained for the remainder of his/her career, including Little League, Senior and Big League competition. NOTE: A player who qualifies under this regulation and elects not to participate for a playing season is not eligible to be retained for the subsequent season.

League Ages:

  • Tee Ball is for *ages 4, 5 & 6
  • Rookie Machine Pitch Baseball/Softball is for *ages 7 & 8
  • Minor Baseball/Softball is for *ages 9 & 10
  • Major Baseball/Softball is for *ages 11 & 12
  • Junior Baseball is for *ages 13 & 14
  • Junior/Senior Softball is for *ages 13, 14,15 & 16
  • PHLL encourages teens to register for senior baseball. The league will decide to field a team depending on Senior registration numbers and other district leagues ability to register/field teams.  

    Click Here to determine the child's League Age

Wednesday, January 13
Little League Age Calculator for Baseball and Softball

Friday, February 5
Paradise Hills Little League Boundary Map

Do you live in our District?  Click on the Paradise Hills Little League Boundary Map below!


You can also use Little League International's Official LEAGUE FINDER  

Input your address and it will present the League boundary you belong to


Paradise Hills Little League Boundaries
view full size

Wednesday, January 13
Fun For All Ages

Please send game and practice pictures to me, Steve R at so we can put action shots on the site from time to time.  Please resize all photos to the small version in your photo software before sending. Your photo submission will be considered your consent to add the child's image to the website. Only first name and last initial will appear identifying each player.  Thanks!

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