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Monday, January 19
PHLL To Create Two New Divisions!

During the last PHLL Board meeting it was decided to create a new 4 year old TeeBall division in the interest of safety. Since LL Int'l added 4 year olds to the eligible ages of Little League players in 2014 and changed the age determination date to December 31st in 2015, there will be several players who will be playing while they are still 3 years old. Since there are still 6 year olds playing Tee Ball, the league decided to err on the side of caution and create a 4 year old Tee ball division. This will probably mean teams in this division will play each other every game or every other game since we expect to only be fielding two or three teams at this level.

The league also decided to field one or two 50/70 teams. These are made up of 12 and 13 year old baseball players who are transitioning to the larger field at this age. Players will be given the option to play in this division AND either Majors or Juniors. It doesnt mean they have to play both divisions but they will have the option to do so. The only caveat is is, when it comes to all stars, they will have to pick ONE to play for and the coaches and parents will be an excellent source to help players with that decision.

Saturday, January 10
The 2015 PHLL Newsletter is Hot Off The Presses!

Big Kudos to Mike, Patrick, Suzanna and family and all others who contributed to the 2015 Newsletter! To check it out click on the handout!
Handout: 2015 PHLL Newsletter

PHLL vs West Texas
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Saturday, January 17
1st Annual Paradise UNM Baseball Camp

Lobo Camp Flyer

A huge thank you to all the Lobo coaches and players who put on the 1st annual Paradise Hills Little League & University of New Mexico Baseball Camp held on January 10th & 11th! A special thanks goes out to coach Tony Cappuccilli for organizing the whole camp!

Also, keep it tuned here to PHLL News on a softball camp brought to you by the UNM Softball Ladies sometime in January or February!...More news on that as soon as they get their schedules finalized.

Saturday, April 5
Sunset Times Link
Here's a link to the latest sunrise and sunset times for Albuquerque.

Wednesday, January 7
2015 Parking At PHLL
Parents and Coaches,

Please utilize the parking spaces in our 2 main parking lots and the overflow parking lot. Please DO NOT park along the sides of the access road that leads from the overflow parking lot to the main parking lot. We had trouble last year with that access road being blocked. This access road would be used by emergency vehicles in the event of a serious medical event on the Tee Ball Field. If cars are blocking this access point it would keep medical personnel from getting help to that location. In addition, parking along the access road has blocked cars trying to exit the overflow parking area. Also, please refrain from parking up against the gate that leads to the overflow parking lot. Just one car parked there can make it tough on fans, players, umpires and coaches from getting to their game on time, plus we do not want fans going across the street to the Trinity Family Church lot where we do not have permission to park.

Last thing: There is no parking in the main parking lot along the new major field fence with the curbs painted red. This area is for emergency/police/sheriff parking only. In the future, PHLL staff on duty have been authorized to tow vehicles parked in these two areas. Thank you in advance for not parking along these access roads and emergency parking areas.


Mike Vigil 

President - Paradise Hills Little League

Tuesday, March 25
Big5 Sports Sponsors Paradise Hills Little League!
Please Continue to support Big 5 Sports as they are a big supporter of Paradise Hills Little League!

Monday, March 3
Dick's Sporting Goods Sponsors PHLL
Hello little leaguer parents! Dick's Sporting Goods is sponsoring Paradise Hills Little League! Be on the lookout for upcoming sales on baseball and softball gear!