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Welcome To Paradise Hills Little League!

Fields are located at:   9801 La Paz Dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114

(La Paz is in between Unser and Universe just off of Paradise)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 66708 Albuquerque, NM 87193-6703

Telephone: 505-792-3144 (voice message only - email is the preferred method for communication)

A Member of New Mexico District 8 Little League

 Email communication to the league is most operative:

Email all Questions, Comments and Suggestions to

Monday, January 30
2017 Paradise Hills Fan Gear

Paradise Hills Ready for Some Fan Gear!!!!!

The link above is another opportunity to Raise money for our league and get some Paradise Hills Gear.  The child who raise the most will be awarded a new Wilson glove!! 

Check out the website for more details. 

Friday, February 10
Tryouts Schedule

Little League Tryouts Feb 11th and 18th

Minor and Major Division for both Baseball and Softball required tryouts.  Junior Baseball is also required a tryout.  Schedule as Follows:

Junior Baseball: Sign In at 7:00 am PHLL Concession Stand - Tryout takes place Junior Baseball Field #5. (Only Feb 11th)

Major Baseball: Sign In at 8:30 am PHLL Concession Stand - Tryout take place Major Baseball Field #1

Minor Baseball: Sign In at 11:30 am PHLL Concession Stand - Tryout take place Major Baseball Field #1

Sofball (Minor and Major): Sign In at 3:00 pm - Tryout take place Major Baseball Field #1

Players will sign in and recieve their tryout numbers.  They will be given sometime to warm up and go through a series of drills : groundball, flyballs, throws, batting and base running. 

Players should wear comfortable athletic workout/baseball pants, t-shirt/jersey, hats, baseball/softball glove, and cleats.  BOYS are required to wear protective cup.  Bats and Helments will be provide but players can bring their own.

Monday, January 23


As part of your registration fee, PHLL will provide a uniform which includes the following:

·       1 Uniform top

·       1 Pair of Pants

·       1 Hat / Visor

·       1 Pair of Socks

·       1 Belt (expect for t-ball)

Based on the lead time from the Vendor for our size league which averages 600 to 700 kids plus 3 coaches per team, uniforms must be ordered by Feb 3rd in order to: 1. place the order, 2. receive and number the uniforms, 3. and distribute them. With tryouts and team selection happening after that date, we have to bulk order the uniforms based on a generic size run versus an on demand type ordering system in order to ensure every kid has a uniform by their first game.

Each Manager/Team Parent will receive the uniform package for their team.  Managers/Team Parents are to distribute uniforms as best as they can. If the manager/team parent is unable to shift uniforms around to accommodate a size, they will then notify me. Some re-ordering can be done, but only on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee re-ordered uniforms will be received prior to the first game.

Thank you for being a member of our Paradise Hills Little League Family,

Genny Hall

Team Parent Coordinator

Monday, January 16
2017 Spring Registration and Fundraising Fees

Paradise Hills 2017 Spring Registration and Fundraising Fees

Below is a breakdown of this year's registration fees along with the mandatory fundraising or buyout per player:

  • Registration + *Fundraising Cost:
    • $110 + $60  = Total of $170 for the 1st Player *
    • $90 +  $60 = Total of $150 for the 2nd Player*
    • $70 +  $60 = Total of $130 for the 3rd Player *
    • $0   +  $60 = Total of $60  for the 4th and more Players *
  • Registration + **Buyout:
    • $110 +  $40 = Total of $150 for the 1st Player **
    • $90 +  $40 = Total of $130 for the 2nd Player **
    • $70 +  $40 = Total of $110 for the 3rd Player **
    • $0   +  $40 = Total of $40 for the 4th and more Player **

Note on Multi-Player discount: To qualify players must live in the same household

*Note on Fundraising: Pay $60 and you receive $60 worth of Discount/Peeler Coupon Cards or the World's Finest Chocolate bars or combination of both, then Parents/Players sell the product and make back their full investment.

**Note on Buyout: Pay $40 buyout and have no registration fundraising responsibilities

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