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The fields are located at 9801 La Paz Dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114
La Paz is in between Unser and Universe just off of Paradise. We're right across the street from James Monroe Middle School. If you live or go to school inside these boundaries: Paseo Del Norte to the South, Golf Course Rd to the East and the county lines to the West and North you may play with us in the Spring season.


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 66708, Albuquerque, NM 87193-6703
Tel. 505-792-3144
 Voice message only.

A Member of New Mexico District 8 Little League

Mike Vigil - President 

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Welcome To Paradise Hills Little League!

A NO Shelled Seed and Nut Facility due to our new artificial turf fields.

Home of the 2014 11-Year old Major Baseball State Champions, the 2015 District 8 Major Softball Champs and the 2015 District 8 Major Baseball Champs!


What's Happening at PHLL?

 2015 Major All Star Champs!

Congratulations to our Major Baseball All Stars! They swept through the District 8 Tournament undefeated and have earned the League's 9th District banner! 

Add another banner to the PHLL clubhouse! Paradise comes from behind, down 7-2 in the 2nd inning to run away with the NM Little League Major title 17 - 7! Congratulations to all players, coaches and family members who have won a trip to Waco for the Southwest Regional Tournament! Great game on Monday as PHLL wins 17-7! What a game! Packed with great baseball from both teams! All drama outside the lines was eliminated as Roadrunner Little League hosted a great tournament! Great job to both team's fans who were awesome and composed in word and deed alike. Next up  Vs. ?? in Waco Texas! An All Star party is tentatively scheduled for all division's teams at the League this Saturday August 1st at 6pm. Time subject to change. Hotdogs, hamburgers are on the menu.


Here's a link to the Albuquerque Journal's article on the final game: 



2015 Softball All Star Champs!

Congratulations to our Major Softball All Stars! They swept through the District 8 Tournament undefeated and have earned the League's 1st ever District Banner in softball!!! The girls, coaches and their manager have busted their tails the last few years to be where they are! Their hard work has made them DISTRICT 8 CHAMPIONS! Your little league and community are so proud you! That title is now a stepping stone for more great softball at Paradise Hills. Paradise was stopped by some great competition at the state tournament but promises to be back next year!! GREAT JOB GIRLS AND COACHES!


 Fall Ball Registration

PHLL players and parents: So far we have had two live registrations and another is scheduled for Saturday August 1st from 8am - 4pm so start thinking about Fall Baseball and Softball. Cost is $75 for the 2015 Fall season. Practice starts in mid August and games go to the end of October. When more signups are scheduled we will announce them right here on the homepage. All sign ups are going to be held at the league office, 9801 La Paz NW. Please use our online registration tool as it will be the primary way in the future to sign up your kids. If you choose the live sign up, the in-person registration volunteers will have you go to the online site and have you fill out all your information there so you might as well do it before hand and then all you will have to do at the office is turn in your filled-out paperwork and pay if you didn't pay online. Checks and cash will be accepted at in-person registration and credit cards are accepted at the online site. Please fill out all forms provided on the LeagueOne site, print them out and we will accept them at a live registration. Sorry, we cannot accept them in an email. Just copy and paste our League One link into your browser for online registration:



UNM Lobo Baseball Camps!

The 2015 Lobo Baseball coaches are hosting another set of summer camps. The registration brochure has all the important details and is on our Forms and Documents section. The coaches will be covering all phases of the game including pitching and catching! Join Coach Ray Birmingham and his cast of assistant coaches for instruction in all the aspects of the game! Email Coach Tony Cappuccilli at tcapp19@gmail if you need more info.



A Few Reminders to All Parents and Fans:

The Board of Directors wants everyone to be reminded of some basic little league park rules such as:

1. Be Positive, encouraging and reassuring when attending your player's games. As you know, it goes a long way in the development of your children!

2. There is No Smoking on LL grounds. Also, if you chew tobacco, please leave your chew and your spit bottle in your vehicle. It is against our league rules. (see message below from Bernalillo County).

3.There are no unauthorized persons of any age allowed in dugouts during games including a 3 adult maximum for Rookies and above. Only coaches with background checks completed and badges issued are permitted.

4. Parents and coaches please remember to abide by the parents code of conduct you signed in your child's registration packet. Please advise your guests of these basic rules of decorum if they are exhibiting negative behavior.

5. Please remember that bubble and/or chewing gum is NOT ALLOWED on or around the turf fields as this is some of the hardest foreign material to remove from artificial turf!

6. Parents please help us keep our Little League looking as great as it did after field cleanup day. We need your help by keeping your little ones from "redecorating" the open area near field #3 and the concession stand by insisting they leave the 4 inch boulder rocks where they lay (in the PH pattern our field day volunteers shaped them in). This will help a lot!

7. Fans of all ages, Please remember to cut the volunteer umpires some slack by allowing them do their job without interference from the stands. Several LL umps are 1st year officials and are out there because there is a mandatory rule for all coaches to take their turn umping games. If you would like to help out umpiring please contact James Joyce at and he can talk to you about volunteering in this capacity. Thanks!

8. Last, and most importantly, since we installed our 2 new fields we have become a NO Shelled Seed/Nut Facility (includes sunflower, pinon, pumpkin, peanut, pistachio and others in these families). Shells from the junior, softball or teeball fields will blow onto these fields and shorten the life of the turf dramatically. According to another local little league, it costs around $12,500 to properly clean their full sized Major and Softball fields...each. So to translate that to our league, our three half-turfed fields would cost about $6000 each to properly remove shells, gum and other foreign material to restore to original condition and we just don't have that kind of money in the bank. Thank You Very Much!



The January 2015 PHLL Newsletter is still available! Click on PHLL News to see it and download it! 

The Sun will be setting a little later everyday. Here's a link for the latest sunrise and sunset times:

  A message from Bernalillo County:

Please remember that all tobacco products are banned for usage on Little League grounds (Bernalillo county property). This includes all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco. Little League International has added E-cigs, vapor cigarettes and all similar products this year. At this time, the parking lot is still ok to smoke in. Please stay a minimum of 50 feet from all field entrances. Thank You!

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Volunteering can be your gift to the PHLL community. Please consider volunteering your time to this year's ALL STAR and Fall Ball seasons. There are many ways for you to participate in your Little League. A few ways to volunteer and are most common include board member, managing, assistant coaching, concession stand parent (could use more of these), team parents, umpiring, groundskeeping (field maintenance before and after games), just to name a few.

Volunteer Quote of the Season: 

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Those who can do EVEN more...They become Little League Board Members.  ~Authors Unknown