Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: Welcome


Fields located at 9801 La Paz Dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114
The fields are in between Unser and Universe just off of Paradise. We're right across the street from James Monroe Middle School and right next door to Trinity Family Church.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 66708, Albuquerque, NM 87193-6703
Tel. 505-792-3144
 Voice message only.

Email is much easier for the league to respond to:

Email all Questions, Comments and Suggestions to
A Member of New Mexico District 8 Little League

Welcome To Paradise Hills Little League!

Home of the 2013 Minor Baseball and 2014 11 Year old Major Baseball All Star State Champions!  

Fall Is In The Air! 

The Fall season is winding down. Teams are playing hard and players are improving their skills every day. The fallball season typically registers at the end of June and/or early July with a few late sign ups in August.
Parents are reminded to volunteer with your child's manager to help prep and breakdown the fields before and after games and after practices. Please help the PHLL board members and the county workers by picking up trash and taking full trash bags out to the dumpster past left field on the major field #2. It really makes a difference when parent and player volunteers lend a helping hand.
A quick reminder for Rookie player parents: The majority of rookie managers have expressed a "no interest vote" in an end of the season Rookie tournament. Talk with your manager for all the details...Thank You!!
**Registration for Spring Baseball and Softball typically takes place on the last two Saturdays of January. News for that wiil appear right here in November and December.
A huge congratulations goes out to Mike Vigil for his election to the board position of PHLL President! Thank you for stepping up to represent our league! It's definately a position most people do not want so just the fact that you stepped up to accept the nomination  says volumes about your faith in Little League and your belief that little league is a worthy organization to get behind and a worthwhile youth sports league to promote to our kids in an era where super-competitive sports leagues are taking over the traditional leagues in participation levels. You are showing to our youth that this oldest youth sports league is  totally worth the time investment and commitment that it takes to continue the the tradition of  both entry-level and competitive youth baseball and softball!
There have been some unexpected resignations for the upcoming 2015 Board of Directors so there are now four openings for next year's Board. Any interested persons should contact the league by email at to submit your name, a brief bio and your interest in Little League. The prospective board member does not have to have kids in the league but should be a citizen in good standing in the community. The first meeting of newly elected board members was October 5th with key positions filled. Please notify us as soon as possible if you're interested. Thanks!

And now a note from the league office about the weather as it relates to PHLL.

The Managers for the teams that are playing on days that weather may cause cancellations should check this Website (, PHLL Facebook (, their email and text for updates on cancellations. If cancellations take place at PHLL they will be communicated via the PHLL Website and PHLL Facebook page by 4:00pm on Weekday Games and 2 hours before your game is scheduled to start on weekends. This gives Managers the ability to notify parents at least 1 hour before game time if the games are cancelled to save a trip out to the fields. If no notification has gone out to the Managers via text, email or on the PHLL Website and PHLL Facebook page then plan on showing up at the fields at your normal time. At that time the Umpires and/or League Official(s) will make the final determination for player safety and playability of the fields and will cancel or delay the start of the games accordingly. The Managers will serve as League Officials in the Fall when no League Official is available.  Interleague games are governed by the league where the game is scheduled to play.  The Managers and/or League Officials from the host league will contact the Managers and League Officials from our league to notify us of cancellations at their fields but the same method and timetable should be used for those games.

NOTE: Wind, Cold, Rain and other Weather conditions do not constitute an automatic cancellation; it is the condition of the fields themselves. Also, it is important to note we live in New Mexico and weather changes quite frequently and it could be a downpour 2 blocks from the fields and the fields are completely dry so please do not assume games are cancelled because of the weather in your specific area. The League will err on the side of playing unless there is imminent danger from lightning or clearly visible unsafe field conditions.

See our facebook page for some great pics of the boys of summer!

The Sun will be setting a little earlier everyday. Here's a link for the latest sunrise and sunset times:

  A message from Bernalillo County:

Please remember that all tobacco products are banned for usage on Little League grounds (county property). This includes all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, E-cigs, vapor cigarettes and other similar products. At this time, the parking lot is still ok to smoke in. Please stay a minimum of 50 feet from all field entrances. Thank You!

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Volunteering is your gift to your community. Please consider volunteering your time to this year's Fallball season. There are many ways for you to participate in your Little League. A few ways to volunteer and are most common include board member (Board Member At Large has been added), managing, assistant coaching, concession stand parent (we may not open it up for Fallball), team parents, umpiring, groundskeeping (field maintenance before and after games), just to name a few.

Volunteer Quote of the Season: 

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Those who can do EVEN Little League.  ~Authors Unknown