Paradise Hills Little League ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: Welcome




The fields are located at 9801 La Paz Dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114
La Paz is inbetween Unser and Universe just off of Paradise. We're right across the street from James Monroe Middle School. If you live or go to school inside these boundaries: Paseo Del Norte to the South, Golf Course Rd to the East and the county lines to the West and North you may play with us in the Spring season.


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 66708, Albuquerque, NM 87193-6703
Tel. 505-792-3144
 Voice message only.

A Member of New Mexico District 8 Little League

Mike Vigil - President 

Email is much easier for the league to respond to:

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Welcome To Paradise Hills Little League!

Home of the 2014 11-Year old Major Baseball State Champions!


What's Happening at PHLL?

Scorekeepers Clinic!

Next Scorekeepers clinic is on Tuesday March 31st in the concession stand office from 6:00 - 7:00pm. All teams are strongly encouraged to send at least one representative to the class where you will learn mostly the basics and a couple of advanced methods to this very important job in Little League. The home team will keep score and the more scorekeepers each team has the better. Also, it is very important to be accurate. This clinic will teach you baseball's shorthand in order to be accurate, methodical and detailed without a need for any words or notes.


There's Room for More Players...

But you need to be quick! Once the season starts we will not be taking anymore waiting list players. Openings are in the T-Ball, Rookie baseball, Minor baseball, Junior baseball, Junior softball and Rookie softball divisions!!  Please see last call and waiting list below for information you need to get your child registered!  Sorry, Major baseball (11-12 year olds) is all filled up.

How Exciting!

The start of real baseball games are upon us - softball is right around the corner! Teeball starts on April 6th!


**Last Call for Little Leaguers**

Any players still wishing to play the spring season will be put on a waiting list. As spots become open, players will be called on a first come, first served basis. Parents wishing to put their child's name on the waiting list can email to add their name to the list. Use our address. Send child's name, gender, date of birth, address and best contact parent name and phone number with WAITING LIST in subject line. Divisional VPs and player agents will compile each list and call parents when a spot becomes open.

**Please make sure you live within our league boundaries before emailing us to be placed on the waiting list. Southern boundary is Paseo del Norte, Eastern boundary is Golf Course Road, North and West boundaries are the Bernalillo-Sandoval county lines. Thank you. 



Should you be called for a waiting list spot, here's the basics. Fees remain the same as the 2014 season - $110 for first player, $90 for 2nd player, $70 for 3rd player and free for 4th player in household PLUS $40 fundraiser buyout per player due at registration (Sorry, we have no more fundraiser chocolates or restaurant peelers). See 2015 registration packet in Forms and Documents and fill out packet in its entirety. Please take note of the $15 late fee per player. So, for one child, late registration fees will total $165. Also, on the last page on registration packet, there are instructions for the required documentation to bring to sign ups. Original birth certificate plus 3 proofs of residency at your current residence. Please bring the ones dated January or February 2015 if possible. They can be older that that by 1 year. 

The January 2015 PHLL Newsletter is now available! Click on PHLL News to see it and download it! 

Please be advised of the new baseball age determination date of December 31st for players born on or after January 1, 2006 and who will turn 4 - 9 during the 2015 calendar year. LL decided to phase in TBall through first year minors only. An example of how this changes things for certain players is 8 year olds who wanted to play in the minors but couldn't in the past will be able to as long as they turn 9 by December 31st.  See the LL Int'l website article regarding this major change.  

All baseball players born before January 1, 2006 will keep their April 30th determination date for the remainder of their LL careers. So, whatever age you are on that date is your league age for the current season. Softball divisions already use the new format.

  A Call For New Members! 

The 2015 PHLL Board of Directors are 1 member short of a full board! If you are a parent, grandparent or other interested person and want to contribute to the community in a significant way, please consider offering your time and talents to sit on the board of directors this year. Little League, like many other organizations can only operate successfully if the members come together and form a strong community of volunteers. Please submit your interest in the board with your name, best contact number, affiliation with the league if any (parent, grandparent or other) and interest in youth sports or civic organizations if any (not required but helpful). Please submit by email to Mike at  Thank You!

The Sun will be setting a little later everyday. Here's a link for the latest sunrise and sunset times:

  A message from Bernalillo County:

Please remember that all tobacco products are banned for usage on Little League grounds (county property). This includes all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco. Little League International has added E-cigs, vapor cigarettes and other similar products this year. At this time, the parking lot is still ok to smoke in. Please stay a minimum of 50 feet from all field entrances. Thank You!

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Volunteering can be your gift to the PHLL community. Please consider volunteering your time to this year's spring season. There are many ways for you to participate in your Little League. A few ways to volunteer and are most common include board member, managing, assistant coaching, concession stand parent (could use more of these), team parents, umpiring, groundskeeping (field maintenance before and after games), just to name a few.

Volunteer Quote of the Season: 

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Those who can do EVEN more...They become Little League Board Members.  ~Authors Unknown