Phoenixville PAL Phantoms Wrestling: PWA


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What is PWA?

PWA’s role is to provide support for all three Phoenixville Wrestling teams: PAL, Middle School and High School. PWA’s intention is to draw on the various community resources such as the skills and knowledge of the wrestling alumni and other fans in Phoenixville. In addition, we want to create a consistancy in all levels of wrestling, thereby making it easy for the wrestlers to progress and reach their potential. Most importantly, to help raise the funds needed to finance our various projects. Therefore, we welcome members from all areas of our community. This will help create the continuity that is vital to any successful wrestling program.


PWA Mission

The Phoenixville Wrestling Association is an organization created for the purpose of supporting the entire wrestling program in the Phoenixville School District and promoting its development into a state and nationally competitive program.


PWA’s Goals

Our goals include running of tournaments, offering financial assistance for wrestlers to go to events that would otherwise be unaffordable, organize and run wrestling clinics for Phoenixville wrestlers, expanding the phoenixville wrestling website and generally supporting all levels of Phoenixville Wrestling in anyway possible.


PWA’s Officers

President - Lee DeSimone
Vice President - Jim Viola
Treasurer - Gary Barron
Secretary - Pat Blain

Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month in the Middle School Library