Perry Soccer Club: About Us

About the Perry Soccer Club
Welcome to the Perry Soccer Club website! Perry Soccer Club is a Non-Profit Organization that is based solely on volunteers. Our Club is an affiliate of the Iowa Soccer League Association. We follow the same rules as the Iowa Soccer League Association. Our focus is to encourage and help the youngsters on their development of their skills and passion for the sport of soccer in a recreational aspect.
Our Club is recognized as part of the Iowa Soccer League Association as a Recreational sport. With the love and passion of the sport, we encourage our coaches to give all the players equal time on the field and not just play to win. Our vision is to see our youngsters grow with the love and passion of the sport and learn to play soccer without having the discouragement of feeling left out. We want our youngsters to be happy and encourage them to grow in a respectful and fun environment. We play to have fun and further our skills of soccer.
Perry Soccer Club is based solely on volunteers. We encourage the parents to get involved with the sport and have fun with their children by volunteering to coach. In addition, we offer a refund of the registration fee of one child to the parents who volunteer as a Head Coach. No experience of the sport is necessary, however you do need to be registered to coach. Coaching clinics are available to get ideas of what to do at practice. If you wish to have further assistance you may contact someone from the Board to attend one of your practices to assist.  If you wish to volunteer as a coach, please contact someone on the Board.
Refereeing is another way for people to get involved in the sport. You have to be at least 10 years old and have an idea of the game. There is a class that needs to be passed in order to become a certified referee. A great aspect of refereeing is you get paid per game you ref! Please contact the Board if you wish to become a referee.
Director of Referees: Edicson Arteaga
Director of Coaches: Nathan Krohn
Director of Fields: vacant
President: Cesar Hernandez
Vice President: vacant
Secretary: Casey Finn
Treasurer: Nicole Myers
Registration: Abraham Cardenas and Ashley Carrillo
At Large: Daniel Oliver 
Ogden Contact & At Large: Kersten Seeger