Perry Soccer Club: Welcome

Fall Season schedules available on our "schedule page"

Temporada de Otoño horarios de juego estan disponibles en la pagina de "Schedules" 



SIDELINE ETTIQUETTE-- Wherever we go, we don’t just represent ourselves we also represent our community and the Perry Soccer Club.


1. Let the Coach be the coach, don’t coach from the sidelines, this interferes with the coaches teaching methods. Rather enjoy the game and cheer on the players.


2. Do not criticize the Referees. They are doing their job as they see it by the rules. If they call something that was wrong, remember we all make mistakes.


3. Focus on the Benefits of the game rather than the scoreboard. Everyone wants to win, however, we are in a recreational league.


4. Think when interacting with the opposing fans. Some of us as parents get “into the game”. Let’s remember this is a youth game.


5. If you don’t agree on how the coach is coaching, save it for the next day, talk with your coach and find a solution you can also contact the perry Soccer Club.


6. Remember to pick up after yourself and put the garbage where it belongs.

7. Keep in mind all coaches, referees and Club board member are volunteers, Be Respectful, enjoy your kids, enjoy the game and have fun. .  


Please remember to pick up after yourselves by putting the garbage where it belongs and not leaving it on the field.  We appreciate your help in keeping our fields clean and safe for our players and families.
Por favor recuerde recoger despues de ustedes mismo y poniendo la basura donde pertenece y no dejandola en los campos.  Agradecemos su ayuda en mantener nuestros campos limpios y seguros para nuestros jugadores y familias.