Silver Bullets Basketball: Welcome

Monday, February 6
2018 FUNdamental Basketball Camp


It's time for FUNdamental Basketball Camp

go to the program website - to register online.

click on Maryland Programs to register for Silver Bullets Fundamental Basketball Camp.

my sister Debbie Brajevich is running Silver Bullets Fundamental Basketball Camp  


1st Week - June 25th  9-12:45 

2nd Week - July 17th - 9 - 12:15 



Coach Caccavalla  

Tuesday, February 1
Places To Play Basketball

1. St. Stephens Church - Jerusalem Rd. Kingsville   - 6 courts in back of church - with lights

2. Golden Ring Middle School - 4 court - usually boys playing but girls can get in game.

3. Harford community college - 1 full glass outdoor court.  by baseball diamond

4. GMC Transmission - route 7 - white marsh - only for employees - i got put out twice but had fun while I was there.

5. will add more in future.