Silver Bullets Basketball: Welcome

Sunday, March 1
The Silver Bullets 5th Grade Team Plays Their First Tournament This Weekend !!!!

This weekend the 5th and 7th grade teams are playing in the Metro Celtic Tournament in Marlboro, Md.

Sat game times are being posted by your coaches and are on your team page.

Go Silver Bullets. 

Monday, March 2
FUNdamental Basketball Camp 2015

It's Here... the 2015 Basketball Summer Camp!

June 22 Week 1

June 29 Week

Go To HANDOUTS to print our registration form and mail in. 

1 on 1 at any age is awesome!
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Sunday, March 3
FUNdamental Basketball Camp workers form 2015!


FILL out form

RETURN form to Coach Caccavalla

Become a counselors or coaches at the FUNdmental Basketball camp.

Earn - hours, food, pickup game daily.

Call or write Coach Caccavalla if you have any questions.


Tuesday, February 1
Places To Play Basketball

1. St. Stephens Church - Jerusalem Rd. Kingsville   - 6 courts in back of church - with lights

2. Golden Ring Middle School - 4 court - usually boys playing but girls can get in game.

3. Harford community college - 1 full glass outdoor court.  by baseball diamond

4. GMC Transmission - route 7 - white marsh - only for employees - i got put out twice but had fun while I was there.

5. will add more in future.