Silver Bullets Basketball: Welcome

Sunday, March 1
7th / 8th Grade Schedule NOW OUT for RED LION FLASH !

DRAFT of April 18- 19th Schedule - this can change up until 5pm tonight so please check back.


We will meet at gym 1 hour before game time.

Bring BOTH uniforms - Sneakers - contact solution - etc.  

Bring 2 water bottles or a refillable water bottle for EACH game.

Picnic will be set up:

Saturday - Red Lion JH

Sunday - each team set up own since we are playing at different gyms.

If it rains we will set up picnic indoors.   (bring board games if you have any too)  

Let's get readdddddddddy to rummmmmmmmble in Red Lion, Pa.  


8th Grade

Sat -

Game 1 - 2pm @ Red Lion Junior High  vs Team # 53 Spooky Nook 8           (white uniform)

Game 2 - 5:30 pm @ Red Lion JH vs Team # 46      IBA                              (white uniform )


Game 1 - 1:15 @ Larry J. Macaluso School vs Team 51 Advanced Hoops       (white uniform)

Game 2 - 3:15 @ Ballyhoo # 2  vs Team 47   Central Pa Elite 8                    (blue uniform)  


7th Grade

Sat -

Game 1 - 9:30 am @ Red Lion Junior High vs Team 31 Central Pa Elite 7       ( Blue pinnie)

Game 2 - 11:45 am @ Red Lion JH vs Team 35 Spooky Nook 7                      (Blue pinnie)


Game 1 - 1:15 @ Red Lion Jr Hi vs Team 43 Littlestown Bolts                        ( Blue pinnie)

Game 2 - 5:45 @ Red Lion Jr Hi vs Team 41 Red Lion Flash                           (Blue pinnie)  


School addresses:

Larry J. Maculuso School (300 Ness Road Red Lion, Pa 17356)

York Vo-Tech (2179 S. Queen Street York , Pa 17402)

RED LION  JrHi: Red Lion Junior High School (200 Country Club Road Red Lion, Pa 17356)

Mazie Gable Elementary School 100 E. Prospect Street Red Lion, PA 17356

Penn State York 1031 Edgecomb Ave, York, PA 17403

Voni B. Grimes Gym. 125 East College Avenue York, PA 17401  




Tuesday, March 24
Silver Bullet Equipment

If you click on "SILVER BULLET Equipment"

you will be brought to website listed:


Equipment needed by players are:

Bag - Shooting Shirt - Socks (except 8th grade team) - Pinnie - Headband (if you wear it)

Optional - protective ankle brace - protective tech shirt -

Parents can get golf shirt to support team.

Coaches can get golf shirt to coach in.

I will be in touch once website takes personalization.

If you have any questions, contact Coach Caccavalla: (410)218-0745

Monday, March 2
FUNdamental Basketball Camp 2015

It's Here... the 2015 Basketball Summer Camp!

June 22 Week 1

June 29 Week

Go To HANDOUTS to print our registration form and mail in. 

1 on 1 at any age is awesome!
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Sunday, March 3
FUNdamental Basketball Camp workers form 2015!


FILL out form

RETURN form to Coach Caccavalla

Become a counselors or coaches at the FUNdmental Basketball camp.

Earn - hours, food, pickup game daily.

Call or write Coach Caccavalla if you have any questions.


Tuesday, February 1
Places To Play Basketball

1. St. Stephens Church - Jerusalem Rd. Kingsville   - 6 courts in back of church - with lights

2. Golden Ring Middle School - 4 court - usually boys playing but girls can get in game.

3. Harford community college - 1 full glass outdoor court.  by baseball diamond

4. GMC Transmission - route 7 - white marsh - only for employees - i got put out twice but had fun while I was there.

5. will add more in future.