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Greetings all, we are all working hard to update the house league site while doing our normal double-time (vs full-time) jobs and family duties. If any of the information is incorrect here, please click here to contact us! - Thank you all! 

Please read the revised Owens Center Policies:
Unsupervised Minors  & Locker Room Use
PYHA Zero Tolerance Policy 
Consent to Treat form

As a reminder there are NO PRACTICES  the week of February 20th. Mites, squirts and Bantam/Midgets will have a game instead per the last schedule.  Pewees have already had an additional game. The house league tournament will start the following week on February 27th.
Brackets: PeeWee  |  Midget 

Standings: Mite  |  Squirt  |  PeeWee  |  Bantam-Midget

PYHA player and team pictures are available for viewing online, see this link for details!

PYHA Player Clinics            PYHA Goalie Clinics
2/27                                      2/20

11-12 House League Schedule
Click here to download the House League First Half Schedule. (PDF)
** UPDATED ** -
Click here to download the House Leagues Second Half Schedule (PDF)

To all House League Players
With guidance from USA Hockey, PYHA has made the decision to maintain age classifications as follows:
USA Hockey has set the following youth ice hockey age classifications which must be aligned with the calendar year for registration purposes.  These age classifications will be used for all house league players within Peoria Youth Hockey Association, with the exception of the combination teams in order to maintain a place for our children to play:

Mites 2004 and 2003 birth years (7 and 8 year olds)
Squirts 2002 and 2001 birth years (9 and 10 year olds)
PeeWees 2000 and 1999 birth years (11 and 12 year olds)
Bantams 1998 and 1997 birth years (13 and 14 year olds)
Midgets 1996, 1995, 1994 and 1993 birth years (15 to 18 year olds)
There is an increased risk of injury for participants playing outside of their designated age classification and every season some players request to play up or down a level. It has been PYHA's policy that the only consideration given for moving a player up is when siblings must play together in order to lessen the burden on a family. However, a participant will not be permitted to move up more than one year in age in order to play with their brother or sister. PYHA reserves the right to make sure the player has sufficient talent and physical size to be able to compete safely at the older level.

Julie Waldschmidt
House League VP

It has come to PYHA's attention that not everyone is following the time frames for the periods that were handed out at the meeting.  Please keep in mind that PYHA and Owen's Center run a very tight schedule in order to accommodate PYHA, Owen's Center's skating program, Bradley Hockey Club, the Mustangs and so on.  In order to stay on schedule it is very important that our games begin and end on time.    When the time frames are not followed and the game runs past time you will be required to run the clock to keep on schedule.  The referees have been instructed that the following  are the appropriate times for periods

Level                     Period                  Penalty                               
Squirt                    10:00                     1:30
PW/B                    11:00                     2:00
Midget                  12:00                     2:00
Warm ups are only 3:00 minutes.

If this is not followed and we continue to have running clocks in the third period we will be forced to have mandatory running clocks in the first period for everyone.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

(Not the same as regular season clocks)
Dates: 2/27-3/4

1. Length of periods: 11min’s – Mite & Squirt (1:30 penalties); 12 min’s – PW & Bt/Mgt (2:00 penalties). Because of the potential for O.T., the FIRST PERIOD WILL BE A MODIFIED RUNNING CLOCK.

Modified = Clock stops on goals, on penalties and during penalties.

2. Warm –Ups: There will be a three minute warm up, which warm up period will commence promptly at the scheduled starting time of the game irrespective of whether both teams are on the ice.

3. Overtime: In the event of a tie, there will be a three (3) minute sudden death overtime period with normal clock stoppages. If at the end of the overtime period the game remains tied there will be a shootout as follows:

a. Each team will get five shooters –The visiting team will shoot first and the teams will alternate until each team has used five skaters or the game is decided because of an insurmountable goal differential.

b. In the event of a tie at the end of the first five shooters the game will go into a sudden death format with the teams each sending one shooter until such time as one team scores and one does not.

c. No team may re-use a skater in the shootout format until they have gone through their roster. If one team has exhausted their roster and the other team still has shooters remaining both teams are allowed to re-start their rotation.

d. No overtime for Pewee level until Semi-finals & Finals, which means regular season clock rules in effect for all periods.

4. All other regular season rules are in effect.

2010-2011 HOUSE LEAGUE 
Tournament Brackets
Mite (pdf)               Squirt (pdf)                    PeeWee / Bantam (pdf)            Bantam / Midget (pdf)


2010-2011 Reg Season standings - Click Here

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