Peninsula Colt League: Welcome

Sunday, April 15
Welcome to the PCL Website for 2018

Welcome to the Peninsula Colt League (PCL) website for 2018. We hope that you will find the website both helpful and informative. To help you navigate your way through our website following is a brief description of what you will find when you click on one of the tabs on the left-hand side of the home page.

Some information for the 2015, 2016 & 2017 seasons is still available on the "Handouts" page.

Before proceeding here are some helpful hints;

1) - Items that appear with light, or dark blue writing, can be clicked on for additional menus, or information;

2) - Anytime that you click on a location you will be redirected to Google maps;

  • About the PCL - This page will briefly describe the PCL, its affiliation with PONY Baseball, its history and, some basic operating procedures;
  • My Site News - This page will inform members and fans about  PCL news, upcoming events and, other noteworthy topics as the 2018 season progresses;
  • Board - This tab will show the Adminstrative Board and the City Representatives for the 2018 season;
  • Calendar - The calendar tab not only lists upcoming events for the PCL, but the entire 2018 Regular Season Schedule as well;
  • Divisions - For the 2018 season the PCL will have only one division;
  • Schedules - The Schedules tab will show you the 2018 Regular Season Schedule as the season is played. While viewing the main menu you have the option of viewing the "Full Season" or changing the amount of games that is currently displayed;
  • Standings - This tab is very similar to the Schedules tab. You can review standings, and scores, as they are updated throughout the season;
  • Locations - When you click on the "Locations" tab you will find field locations as well as some field notes, such as type of seating available, etc., to all of the fields used by the PCL. The compass on the left-hand side of each location description takes you to Google Maps for driving directions;
  • Links - The "Links" tab will redirect you to internet links for some of the local baseball programs that compete in the PCL, the two umpire associations used by the PCL, as well as other links to some of the organizations that serve as our partners;
  • Playoff Bracket - This link will be used for the playoffs. Currently it shows the date that the playoffs may begin, the date of the second round and, the date of the Championship game. Only the Championship is guaranteed to be played at San Bruno Park;
  • Albums - Click on this tab to find our picture library. Currently the user may find pictures of all of the fields used by the PCL and pictures of the Section Tournament teams from the previous three years;
  • Sponsors - Here you will find a list of some other organizations that are recognized as sponsors of the PCL;
  • Handouts - This tab will take you to various "Handouts" that may be downloaded and printed. Here you will find information from the 2015, 2016 & 2017 seasons as well as the 2018 season;
  • Contact Us - This tab will take you to the link that may be used to contact the PCL;
  • Donate Now - This tab is not currently in use;
  • Gear and Apparel - This tab will lead you to a company that is marketing Peninsula Colt League gear and apparel. Some of the stuff is pretty nice.

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