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Monday, March 7

This page was created to centralize all updates for coaches.  If you are a PLO Coach and would like me to add something, please send an email with the information to

Friday, March 4
Recorded Message from the Optimist
Pembroke Lakes Optimist

In Season Practice Field Rule
September 24, 2009 
Effective immediately,  
Travel Teams utilize fields on Tuesday and Thursday.  Should a rec team decide to hold a practice on Tuesday or Thursday, and a travel team shows up afterward, please yield the field to the travel team.  This only applies to the field that applies to the age group.  In other words, if a Bronco rec team is practicing on a Bronco field and a Mustang Travel team shows up to practice afterward on the same Bronco field, the Bronco Rec team does NOT yield the field.
Once games start for the season, all fields are on a first come first served basis (except Tuesday, Thursday or Tuesday).  The only way a field is considered reserved is if a COACH WITH A PARK ID (including assistants) has arrived at the field with at least 2 kids from the team.  If you do not have have at least two kids at the field, you must yield the field to any team that shows up with at least two kids from the team and a coach with an ID for that team.  All teams can only secure fields for their appropriate age group.  Example, a Bronco team cannot secure a Mustang field if a Mustang team shows up to practice and meets the 2 kid minimum.  Same goes for all other ages.
Because weather interrupts a lot of practice and games, I expect each coach to work with each other and share the fields when necessary.  One team can practice infield while the other practices outfield then switches.  Batting practice can take place in the cages if available.  If a coach cannot find a batting cage open, and they have secured a field, there may be instance where that coach may not want to share the field....however, this should always be the exception but understood by the other coach when it happens.  Make sure to check the schedules to verify that rainouts/makeups have not been scheduled on those fields.  Also when the fields have been lined by the park personnel please stay off due to a game being scheduled there later.  Max practice times should be 90 minutes when another team is waiting to use the field.
Any coach that violates the above will not be able to secure a field for practice for the remainder of the season.  If you find that a coach is in violation of the above rule, please contact your commissioner.  Keep in mind that most board members and commissioners are coaches so please do not interrupt their practices or games to discuss any issues.  Wait until they are finished so they can discuss it with you.

Umpire Contact

PLO Chief Umpire Contact Information

For Umpire Questions & Information Please Contact Joe Chilli at (Pending Email) or (305) 903-3393


ATTENTION COACHES - Pembroke Lakes Optimist has a weather information telephone line for assistance in obtaining weather and field conditions during instances of inclement weather at Flamingo Park. Please call 954-438-1616 for updates. We request that ONLY COACHES contact the weather information line.