PEAK League: Fall League

PEAK Fall League

2018 Fall PEAK League Champions



   Divison Champions 
5th Girls   Gold  Lady LocalHoops Black
  Silver   Elite Grey
 4th Boys  Gold  Fenix Premier
   Silver  Kamiak
 5th Boys  Gold  Elite Black
   Silver  Hoopaholics Mark
 6th Boys  Gold  Fenix Premier
   Silver  Elite Black
 7th Boys  Gold  Kamiak
   Silver  Kings Black
 8th Boys  Gold  Fenix Premier
   Silver  Elite Black

Schedules and Standings

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4th Grade Boys Schedule

5th Grade Boys Schedule

6th Grade Boys Schedule

7th Grade Boys Schedule

8th Grade Boys Schedule

5th Grade Girls Schedule

Playoff Brackets

4B Playoff Bracket

5B Playoff Bracket

6B Playoff Bracket

7B Playoff Bracket

8B Playoff Bracket

5G Playoff Bracket