PDX Vikings 6th Grade Boys Basketball Team

We are excited about our upcoming 2012-2013 Season

All practices will be held @

Peninsula Community Center

700 N Rosa Parks Way

Portland OR 97217

Mission Statement:

The purpose of The PDX Vikings Basketball Team is to build positive self worth and promote a sense of accomplishment by engaging children in fun, competitive play, and to foster the belief that trying one’s best is as important in sports as it is in life. All children, regardless of race, gender, or economic background, should have the opportunity to play on a well-organized athletic team.

Parents want to give their children every opportunity to excel. Now they can put their children on a team that can give them an edge or just enjoy watching the development of their child, both mentally and physically.

Please check the calendar for practice dates and times as well as scheduled parent meetings.

Please contact the PDX Vikings staff @ pdxvikings@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Please continue to check back for updates....