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Monday, July 6
Panther City Wins! Panther City Wins!

What started as a rocky day ended with quite a triumph!  Match results are as follows:

Match # 1 -- vs-- Colorado Performance B14A

     Game 1 -- 9-25  loss

     Game 2 -- 13-25  loss

Match #2 -- vs-- Cave 14s

     Game 1 -- 25 -19 win (OUR FIRST GAME WON)

     Game 2 -- 21-25 loss

     Game 3 -- 12-15 loss

Match #3 -- vs--  Bay to Bay Nike Blue

     Game 1 -- 25-23 win  (OUR SECOND GAME WON)

     Game 2 -- 23-25 loss

     Game 2 -- 10-15 win  (OUR THIRD GAME WON)


We start single elimination Tuesday morning at 9:00.  It is win or go home so hopefully the boys can keep the streak alive!!  Nancy Mathisen will keep you posted.

The boys had a great time at the coke museum.  I am trying to add about 60 pictures from yesterday and today so check the albums and hopefully they will be there.  If not, when I get back I will make sure everyone gets access to the pictures.  Also remember around July 15th that the professional photos will be posted online.  I am sure everyone will be able to find a great action shot of their son.




Sunday, July 5
Tournament (Day 2)

Second Day Results

Match 1 -- vs - Ocean Beach 14 Quicksilver from Miami

     Game 1 -- 24-26 loss 

     Game 2 -- 12-26 loss

Heartbreaking loss!  However our fans (1 parent) did outnumber their fans (0)

Match 2 -- vs - FSVBC NA OPIO from Miami

     Game 1 -- 17-25 loss

     Game 2 -- 13-25 loss

Match 3 -- vs - 14's Orange from Pennsylvania

     Game 1 -- 14-25 loss

     Game 2 -- 7-25 loss

Very good team.  Bad match-up for us.

Match 4 -- vs - Cave 14's from Pennsylvania

     Game 1 -- 16 - 25 loss

     Game 2 -- 21 - 25 loss

Working through some new rotations but we meet this team again on Day 3.


Even though the matches are difficult at times to watch, the boys seem to having a great time!  Everyone healthy & well.  They play 3 matches tomorrow in the afternoon.  Visiting Coke museum tomorrow before playing so they should have plenty of sugar energy.


Saturday, July 4
1st Day Results -- Junior Olympics

Tough 1st Day for Panther City Volleyball

4 tough matches today for Panther City Volleyball.  The results were as follows:

Match 1 -- vs- Balboa Bay 14 Quicksilver (7th seed)

     7 - 25  Game 1 loss

     14-25  Game 2 loss

Tough select opponent with the boys a little nervous for the 1st round opener.  Highlights Matthew's kick save however you do not see any of these serious volleyball players with soccer skills.  Oh and most actually wear kneepads

Match 2 -- vs-  Bay 2 Bay 14 Nike Blue (22nd Seed)

     15 - 25  Game 1 loss

     14 - 25  Game 2 loss

The boys seemed to get a little more comfortable and started moving better on the court.  Still very difficult arena with 33 courts playing all at once -- you can imagine the balls flying from court to court along with the mutiple referee whistles.  We even had an early lead 11 to 10 before we got off track.  Highlights both Jim & Preston had single handed middle blocks including Preston who hit it back to the opponents head.

Match 3 -- vs- Maryland VP (8th Seed)

     23 - 25  Game 1 loss

     15 - 25  Game 2 loss

The boys in the 1st game really started to get things going!  Much more relaxed and confident.  Really really they should have won the 1st game but just got a little off track at the end of the game.  Losing a close first game caused a little momentum shift for the 2nd game.  Highlights Layton had some great spikes.  Ben had some great plays at the net while Jonny had some great defensive digs.

Match 4 -- vs- Pali 14 Kaepa (21st seed)

     11 - 25  Game 1 loss

     16 - 25  Game 2 loss

The wear & tear of 3 straight games showed during this match.  Consistent play was a little rough.  We just couldn't get 3 team plays together to finish a good point.  Highlights Collin had some nice serves and the team as a whole had some good rallies.

2nd Day of Tournament Schedule (Sunday 7/5/09)

3:00  Game

6:00  Game

7:00  Game

8:00  Game

Another busy day of games! 

Checkout photos in the Albums tab (sorry but camera quality in gym is not great)



Friday, July 3
Panther City Volleyball Arrives Atlanta!!

Panther City Volleyball successfully arrived in Atlanta!  7 players & 2 coaches & 1 mom successfully navigated the Marta to reach The Ritz Carlton Downtown.

One slight problem with the Marta journey.  1/2 the team did not exit the train quick enough at the right stop, forcing them to re-group and with the help of some local Atlanta folk make a quick trek to the hotel.  Mind you the journey required about 8 blocks as opposed to 1/2 block but all arrived safely -- although mom was not in the excellent condition as the players.

Quick photo of the crew before they headed to registration.



Friday, July 3
1st Day Game Schedule

Well the team went out on the town this afternoon and evening.  I chose the air conditioned comfort of my room.

According to Jonny's understanding, the game schedule for the 1st day is as follows:

8:00am   Breakfast

3:00pm   Match 1

6:00pm   Match 2

7:00pm   Match 3

8:00pm   Match 4

I will update with more color tomorrow once I can verifty with Coach Brady & Coach Kennedy.

Wednesday, July 1
Panther City Volleyball -- Boys U14

Panther City Volleyball -- Boys U14 travel to Atlanta, GA

Junior Olympic Volleyball Tournament