Premier Club Soccer League: PCSL News

Thursday, March 26
About Premier Club Soccer League

Premier Club Soccer League (PCSL) was established in 1997 by Ryan Cook as a non-profit 501c3 organization.  At that time, there was not a local adult soccer league in Utah Valley.  There were teams from Utah Valley that participated in leagues based in Salt Lake Valley and there were tournaments held in Utah Valley, but no local leagues.  At the end of a failed attempt by another league (it lasted two summers), Ryan Cook went from field to field looking for teams and players that would be interested in playing on adult club teams in Provo.  Eight teams comprised what would be the first season for Premier Club Soccer League, and the league has continued and grown since then.  As many as 20 teams have played in a given 11v11 season.  Interestingly, very little advertising is done due to lack of field space to run a larger league.  A 6v6 coed and men’s league was formed in addition to the 11v11 men’s league in 2005.  The league has used fields from Lehi to Payson over the years, but currently rents fields from Orem and Provo.  The league provides two to four different divisions of play for each league due to the difference of ability and skill of players and teams. 

Ryan Cook, president and founder of the league, has since helped establish other soccer landmarks in Utah Valley.  Players from the league were interested in playing indoor soccer, and the league provided an indoor league in 1999 by renting a basketball court.  But the space and court were not adequate for indoor soccer.  Ryan then spoke to The Peaks about putting an indoor field in its arena.  Ryan was soon hired as Program Director for the new indoor soccer field which was opened in January of 2000.  Although he left The Peaks soon after its creation, he has remained constantly involved with The Peaks Indoor Soccer.  Shortly after leaving The Peaks, Ryan was hired by Lets Play Inc to open their new facility in Lindon, UT.  Ryan then helped manage other Lets Play facilities in Murray and Woods Cross until the Lindon facility, Timpanogos Indoor Soccer, was ready to be built.  Ryan was involved in working with most aspects of building from construction to formation of leagues.  After Ryan left Lets Play Inc, he and PCSL were hired with David Januario to open and run Utah Futsal Arena in Vineyard, UT in the fall of 2009.  Ryan left after much success and with a continued relationship with Utah Futsal Arena to reopen indoor soccer at The Peaks.  The Peaks put in a new artificial turf field for 6v6 and PCSL opened indoor leagues there in November of 2010.  In 2011 the Peaks added a 4v4 artifical turf field.  PCSL now runs 4v4 indoor leagues year round and 6v6 leagues year round rotating between indoor and outdoor fields in addition to the original 11v11 leagues it still runs during the outdoor seasons.  Ryan currently has been set on expanding the programs of the Premier Club Soccer League.