Pacific Central Region 12 - LCDR Steve Nash, SRD: Welcome

SC Fire Training
Put the wet stuff on the red stuff.
Tuesday, February 14
Pacific Central Region -12

PCR-12           LCDR Steve Nash           
PCR-12           LCDR Dave Dackins  ASRD
PCR12-1         LCDR Tony Saucedo       
PCR-12-2       LCDR Marti Lantz          
PCR-12-3       LCDR Mark Lewis           
PCR-12-4       LCDR Jack Dempsey                        
PCR-12-5       LCDR Jack Powell           
PCR-12-6       LCDR John Ferretti        
PCR-12-7       LCDR Richard Reed          
PCR-12-8       LCDR David Dackins           

Officer Professional Development (OPD) COURSES

Please save these dates for OPD courses. Because HQ is shut down this week these courses will be posted next week in Magellan.

Camp Parks OPD is already posted. There will be no per diem authorized for these trainings.

Feb 24, 2018 OPD101 Camp Parks Dublin

March 10, 2016 OPD101 Visalia

March 17, 2018 OPD201 Modesto


This recruiting plan is from Pyro and written by Brad Kaplan and is very useful for all recruiting efforts. See Handouts Folder for the plan.
LCDR Steve Nash


The Navy League Foundation awards scholarships to high school seniors who will attend college in the fall. Scholarships are awarded for four years and provide an award of $2,500 per year. 


**All graduating Sea Cadets who plan to attend college in the fall are eligible to apply for this scholarship.**


To apply, cadets should complete the online application process, which can be initiated here: 


Questions regarding the scholarship and application process should be directed to


Best regards,



Need the units to log into Magellan and update the cadets and adults records to include correspondence courses, training etc. The records are not updated and it is causing problems along the COC to make promotions. Some are taking weeks and should only take a couple days but because Magellan is not current with training and  Courses the promotions keep getting kicked back.

LCDR Steve Nash


Pacific Central Region 12 - LCDR Steve Nash, SRD Divisions

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sat 2/24 star OPD 101 - Camp Parks, Dublin All Day Camp Parks, RFT
Thu 3/1 star Deadline for receipt of Navy League Scholarship applications TBA
Sat 3/10 star OPD101 - Visalia All Day Visalia -
Sat 3/17 star OPD201-Modesto All Day Modesto