Pacific Central Region 12 - LCDR Steve Nash, SRD: Welcome

Flagship Stretcher race
Tuesday, April 18
Pacific Central Region -12


We just learned that the HQ received $5M plus up today in the omnibus spending bill signed by President Trump. As a result, deposit fees are going to be significantly lower this year than what they normally are, ALL trainings will be funded and we will have OPD funding. More details to follow later today. 

Fees are being reduced for this year to $50 for one week, $75 for nine days, and $100 for two weeks.
Please pass this to all your units ASAP so they can plan their summer trainings.

PCR-12           LCDR Steve Nash          
PCR-12           LCDR Dave Dackins  ASRD
PCR12-1         LCDR Tony Saucedo       
PCR-12-2       LCDR Marti Lantz          
PCR-12-3       LCDR Mark Lewis           
PCR-12-4       LCDR Jack Dempsey                        
PCR-12-5       LCDR David Dackins    
PCR-12-6       LCDR John Ferretti        
PCR-12-7       LCDR Richard Reed          
PCR-12-8       LCDR Donald Herkal

This recruiting plan is from Pyro and written by Brad Kaplan and is very useful for all recruiting efforts. See Handouts Folder for the plan.

LCDR Steve Nash

Pacific Central Region 12 - LCDR Steve Nash, SRD Divisions

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Wed 8/1 star Training Region 12 12:00 PM