Pioneer Baseball League: Pioneer News: PBSL's Thunder/Lightening Policy

PBSL's Thunder/Lightening Policy
The coach or Umpire in charge of the practice or game shall immediately suspend a game or practice and players and coaches shall retreat to automobiles or a secure structure with four walls and a roof in the event of any of the following: (a) the sound of thunder; or (b) the sight of lightning. No player will be permitted to remain on the field, spectator areas outside the field, or in open dugouts for any reason. Coaches are urged to monitor weather conditions and to use their best judgment regarding adverse weather. A coach may postpone or cancel practice at any time that he or she believes that it is unsafe to continue for any weather related reason.  A game may resume following suspension, at the discretion of the Umpire, if no thunder is heard or lightning is observed for a period of 30 minutes.  Coaches are responsible for providing shelter to any members of the team who do not have a parent or other adult present at the field.  Coaches should advise parents of this severe weather policy and should obtain contact information so that the coach can contact parents who leave their children at practice in the event of a suspension or cancellation. This policy is to the highest degree mandatory and shall be strictly enforced.