Pioneer Baseball League: Volunteers

Volunteers Needed!!!

Pioneer provides a safe recreational outlet for nearly 600 of our youngsters with a total volunteer staff.
There is a consistent need for additional help from our community.  There are many opportunites to volunteer.

The board will make nominations for the various board positions in June and vote in July.  Terms last from August 2011 - July 2012.  While all positions are open for nomination the positions listed below will definitely be vacated after July 2011.

**Note that if the highlighted positions remain vacant there is almost certain to be an adverse effect on the day-to-day operations of the league**

  • President
  • President-elect
  • Secretary
  • Registrar
  • Equipment Manager
  • Seniors Commissioner
  • Administrative Vice President
  • Publicity Coordinator

A description of each position can be found in the PBSL By-Laws attached below.  If you are interested in being nominated for any of these positions or volunteering for any of the other appointed league officers positions listed in the by-laws please contact our president Ken Misken at  

Your support is always appreciated.

Handout: 2012 PBL By-Laws

Tuesday, March 23
Sign up to be a Pioneer Manager or Assistant Manager

Sign up to be a Team Manager/Head Coach or Assistant Coach for the Spring 2011 season by clicking on the link above or here, which will take you to our registration page where you will provide your contact information and answer background questions.

Thursday, February 4
Pioneer Volunteer Positions


For the Spring 2010 Season every family will be expected to perform some form of volunteer duties in order to have the $40 volunteer fee refunded.  Below is a brief description of the positions listed on the registration site, the volunteer coordinater will assign additional duties as needed.

Preseason Field Maintenance - Volunteer for the March 27 Field Mainenance Day

Volunteer Coordinator - Organize and keep track of volunteer refunds 

Field Maintenance Coordinator - Assign weekly lawn mower volunteers for Clermont and Hilltop

Tournament Director  - Coordinate in-season or post-season tournaments.

Fund Raising Director - Reports to the Administrative Vice President and oversees and administers any direct sale programs, such as candy sales, that the League approves as a fundraiser. 

Publicity Director  - Reports to the President and is responsible for publicizing all League activities i(Roadside registration signs, community flyers, press releases, distribution of registration forms to schools, etc) 

Rules Committee  Shortly upon completion of the playing season the rules committee  reviews Pioneer’s  “Rules and Regulations” and recommends changes to the Board of Directors 

Training Committee  - Assist with and/or coordinate manager and umpire training 

Home Run Derby   - There will be numerous opportunities to volunteer during Pioneer’s only fundraiser, the Home Run Derby on April 10th.

Team Manager  - Manage a team

Assistant Coach  - Assist Team Manager

Sponsor or Recruit Sponsor  - If you sponsor a team or recruit a sponsor you have met your volunteer commitment

Equipment Distribution  - Assist with Equipment Distribution prior to the beginning of the season.

Pre-game field prep  - Prep field before games.  

Post-game field maintenance  - Drag, rake, repair field after games.

Re supply of field lime and gasoline  - Field boxes need to be restocked periodically throughout the season.

Equipment Return  - Assist with post-season equipment return.  

Post Season Inventory  - Assist with post-season equipment inventory.