Pioneer Baseball League: Spring 2013 FAQs

Thursday, January 17
Spring 2013 FAQs

Q: When will the Spring 2013 season begin? 

A: This depends on the divison, the older divisions will probably start the week after FCPS Spring Break, the Tee Ball division may start a week later.

Q: When will practices start? 

A: This varies by divisions.  The County does not open fields for practice until mid-March, but some of the older age divisions may start practicing up to two weeks earlier on adopted and/or private fields.

Q: When will I hear from my player's coach? 

A: It depends on when a particular division has enough players registered to form the appropriate number of teams.  Minors and Majors will hold their player evaluations and draft in the middle of March and players in those divisions should hear from their coaches the following week.

Q: When will registration close? 

A: We will keep registration open until the end of March for all divisons except Tee Ball, their registration may extend into April.

Q: How many practices/games will there be per week?

A: Again, this varies by division but for Minors and above there are typically 2 practices a week leading up to the season, then 1 practice a week, 1 game a week, and 1 game on Saturday.  For Rookies and below there is 1 game on Saturday and at least 1 practice a week. 

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to purchase?

A: This also varies by age.  The league provides every player with pants, shirt and hat that is theirs to keep.  Each team also has bats, catchers' gear, and batting helmets.  Start out with a glove, cleats for players in Minors and above.  A personal batting helmet is recommended so they don't have to share.  Batting gloves and bats are optional.

For division specific questions (i.e, home field, commissioner email addresses, etc...) see the 'Divisions' tab.

Other questions?  Email