Pioneer Baseball League: Spring 2013 Divisions

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Micro Tee Ball
Relaxed, instructional tee ball for first-time players age 4 and 5. Teams will be grouped by elementary school boundaries. Teams are made up of about 9 players. No outfielders are used. No scores are kept. Coaches are on the field to instruct. Teams are scheduled to play 1-2 games per week and have 1 practice per week. Emphasis is on teaching and building love for the game.

Home Field: Lee District
Commissioner: Bob Kohm

Tee Ball
Tee Ball is designed for players league age 4 through 6. Teams of 8-9 kids are grouped by elementary school boundaries. Scores are not kept. Teams use 8-9 players in the field and the entire team is in the batting lineup. Games are 4 innings.

Home Field: Lee District
Commissioner: Bob Kohm-

Rookie - Machine Pitch Baseball
Machine pitch baseball for players age 7 and 8. Younger players should have at least one year of T-Ball prior to playing in this division. Rookie Ball is equivalent to A Ball in Little League programs. The baseball is pitched at about 35 mph by a wheeled pitching machine and 10 Players play defense with 4 outfielders. Players are placed on teams based on elementary school boundaries. Players should expect 1 practice during the week and a game on Saturday. Scores and standings are kept to help transition into competitive playing but the emphasis is on skill development and learning all the defensive positions. For a breakdown of the developmental and advanced leagues within the Rookie division click here.

Home Field: Va Hills
Commissioner: /Bill Kaczor

Minors Baseball
Minors Baseball is beginning kid pitched baseball for players age 9 and 10. This division is equivalent to AA Ball in Little League. Emphasis is on teaching baseball fundamentals and developing pitchers and catchers. Run limits and other rules are used to keep games moving and allow kids an opportunity to learn multiple positions. Games are 6-innings and limited to 2 hours 15 minutes. The field is set for 60 foot base paths and the 46 foot pitching distance. Teams are selected by tryouts and draft by the Managers/Coaches. Players should expect 2 practices and 2 games per week. Scores and Standings are kept and post season play includes a playoff.

Home Field: Clermont
Commissioner: George Polovchik

Majors 50/70
Competitive baseball for players age 11 and 12. The games are played on a larger field with 70 foot base paths and 50 foot pitching distance using Major League Baseball rules (lead-offs, steals, etc). This division is designed for the kid who wants a bigger baseball challenge and to prepare for the transition to the 90’ baseball at age 13. Typically, teams consist of 12 players and have 2 practices and 2 games per week.

Home Field: Beulah
Commissioner - Adam Wells

Seniors Prep Baseball
Designed to introduce 13-year olds to 90' baseball. This division is open only to 13-year olds. Teams will play against other 13 Prep teams from neighboring Babe Ruth organizations.

Home Field: Clermont
Commissioner: Leanne Marshall

Seniors Alliance National Baseball
Baseball for ages 14-15. Played on 90 foot fields. Home fields are Clermont Park and Bryant Middle School.

Commissioner: Leanne Marshall