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This program is designed to bring an opportunity to learn and play soccer to any boy or girl, who has a cognitive or physical disability. The program is carried out by volunteers, with financial support from US Soccer and youth soccer organizations such as Pawtucket Youth Soccer. Only a handful of communities throughout Rhode Island offer TOPSoccer and we are excited to be able to be one of them.

TOPSoccer works hand in hand with organizations like Special Olympics to offer training and competition opportunities for these young people with disabilities.

TOPSoccer along with Pawtucket Youth Soccer would like to offer these children an opportunity to participate in a program that other children in our community are already doing. They will be playing on the same field as the other children and would be given opportunity to play with them as well. This would bring together disabled and non-disabled soccer players in a positive and fun environment, in a community where there is a common love of Soccer!

Our goal is to enable young athletes with disabilities, any boy or girl, age 3 to 18 who has a cognitive or physical disability to learn, develop their skills and become a member of the Pawtucket Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer family.

  We are currently looking for a volunteer to head up this program.

If interested please email

or call our hotline 401-729-9565

There is no cost for participants in the Pawtucket Youth Soccer TOPSoccer program for more information, check out the US Soccer site @

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Monday, April 10