Pawtucket Youth Soccer: Fall Recreational

Recreation Rules


General Rules


"Coaches are responsible for setting up your fields first game of the day

( goals & corner flags) and putting equipment away if you have last game." 


Each player must play a minimum of 50 % game time. We encourage players to play different positions.

NO Slide tackling  

NO Jewlery (taped or otherwise)

NO Toe cleats ( Football, baseball or all sport cleats)   

There will be throw- ins and corner kicks.



U4     4v4    No Goalies  10 Minute Halves **Challenger Coaches will train

U6     4v4    No Goalies  10 Minute Halves  **Challenger Coaches will train

U8     5v5     Goalies       10 Minute Quarters

U10   6v6    Goalies       20 Minute Halves  Offside Rule

U12/ U15 Girls   8v8    Goalies       25 Minute Halves  Offside Rule

U15 Boys  11V11 Goalies       25 Minute Halves  Offside Rule

Substiutions U8 and under anytime

U10 and Up On a throw in FIFA rules..


Standings will be kept for U10 & up. Posted on website

Top 4 teams will play in Semi-finals the 9th week.

Please make sure that you check your score cards that you sign for the referees. Make sure the score is correct and that you are signing the right spot. 

3pts Win, 1pt Tie, 0pt Loss.

Tie-breaker Rules

  1. Head to Head
  2. Goals Allowed
  3. Goals Forced
  4. Penalty Kicks

Winners from U12 & U15 will compete in the Kohl's Cup first weekend in November.


Cancellations will be sent by Email, Hotline & Website will be updated. 




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