Pawtucket Youth Soccer: PYSA NEWS !!!!

Friday, April 28
Hello Parents our season starts tomorrow if you have not heard from your coach please feel free to come by our outdoor field 1 Monticello Place we open at 9am inbox us here or email and we can try to help you find out your team and time...PARENTS PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL for any emails that the coach may have tried to get in touch with you ... Thank you

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Welcome to Pawtucket YSA

Pawtucket Youth Soccer: Welcome

On behalf of the PYSA Board
we would like to welcome you to our site.  

We are a non-profit, youth soccer organization serving Pawtucket and many surrounding areas.  We offer recreational and competitive soccer programs for young players ages 8 through 19. 

We are a member of Soccer Rhode Island and the US Youth Soccer Association.

In addition to teaching soccer skills, our goal is to help prepare our players for the future.  We teach sportsmanship, fair play and team building. We stress hard work and staying in school.

We aim to:

  • Provide a safe environment for kids to play soccer
  • Promote good sportsmanship, regardless of the outcome of the game
  • Support the development of individual players at all levels
  • Develop strong leadership skills
  • Promote good, healthy choices that will result in better health outcomes for the players

One of our goals is to make playing soccer affordable for all kids.  We can't do it without your help!  Becoming a sponsor of Pawtucket Youth Soccer Association is a fantastic opportunity to support the club and give a player who otherwise couldn't afford it a chance to play the game. To become PYSA sponsor, please contact us at: or (401)729-9565

  Your donation is tax deductible

Wednesday, June 4
Bruno United and PYSA Alliance
Bruno United and Pawtucket Storm Form Alliance

May 30, 2014. Bruno United FC and Pawtucket Youth Soccer Association are proud to announce an alliance designed to offer the best and most appropriate soccer experience for their players. The clubs will cooperate to develop and identify players so that they can play in their local community, while also having the opportunity compete at the highest levels in New England and the Eastern United States.

Both Bruno United and Pawtucket YSA have a long history of developing soccer players from an early age, through high school and into college. "Bruno United believes that players are developed by having access to the following components: top level coaching, training with good players, and playing against the best competition," said Director of Coaching John Tomlinson. This alliance allows our clubs to work together to provide these three components for all players and to help them reach their highest potential. With Bruno United's partnership with the New England Revolution Development Academy, players who are ready have a pathway to the highest level of competition in the United States. 

"This alliance will give Pawtucket YSA players the opportunity and exposure they deserve. It will enable our most talented players a chance to showcase their talents throughout the region," said David Alves, Pawtucket YSA competitive director.

The development of players is Pawtucket Storm and Bruno United’s number one priority. This alliance will be a new model of how clubs within Rhode Island can work together for the best interests of the players in their clubs. 

Any interested PYSA Players should contact David Alves Competitive Coordinator at to see if they are ready for this for this program, and ask questions they may have. Tryouts start june 3

Wednesday, July 22
Champions 2015

Thursday, August 25

Fall Recreational Season--Parking 

I would like to take an opportunity to thank all of you for choosing Pawtucket Youth Soccer for your child. I would like to thank you in advance for your patience.
This has been a trying season for us with finding volunteers to help coach our children.  To date, we still have a few team without coaches.  I want to thank those of you that have agreed to be coaches.  Our league is run by volunteer and would not survive without them.

For those of you who have not received an e-mail from a coach yet, you can log into your got soccer account and see the team your child has been assigned to.  Also, our schedule has been posted on our website.

For this Saturday, the parking at the field will be tight.  The city has been trying to secure the use of additional parking for us but has been unsuccessful to date.  So the parking that will be available until further notice are the two small lots off of Columbus Avenue and our main lot at One Monticello Road.  We have requested the use of Fallon Elementary School lot.  The City is working on this for us.  We have attempted to stagger the times to attempt to alleviate some of the issues but you can help as well.  If you are able to car pool between family members and neighbors, that would be a big help.   We do realize that this is not possible in all cases, however.  Also, remember that parking along by the post office or blocking driveways could result in a ticket.

Once again, thank you for your patience and cooperation.  We hope this will be an enjoyable season for your children.

Leo Lebeuf

Thursday, January 7
Celebrate at our Indoor Facility!!!


$150 for 2 hours $50 every additional hour 
This includes full field and a separate room with tables and chairs.
**no alcohol please**


If interested please email