Peterborough Adult Volleyball: Welcome

Welcome to the PETERBOROUGH ADULT VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE website, your home for volleyball in the Monadnock Region.

Peterborough Adult Volleyball is a program of the Peterborough Recreation Department.

Reminders about rules

Everyone is reminded that children must be under the direct supervision of a non-playing adult at all times.

Children are not allowed to run around the gym, stage, bathrooms, or hallways and must stay off the courts at all times. Please be sure to make sure anyone that attends as a spectator also understands these rules.

Spectators may also want to bring chairs as seating is not allowed on any of the closed bleachers.

Thanks and please pass it on...

Parking Reminder

Just a reminder that no one is to park in the lower parking lot at the school. Please park in the upper parking lot only.