Pasco Youth Football: PYF Documents

2018 Spring Flag - NFL Play 60 Rules

No change in the 2017 rules for 2018 season.

2017 NFL Flag Rules2017 NFL Flag Rules

2018 PYF Code of Conduct

The 2018 Code of Conduct is Required Reading. This document must be signed and turned in with the 2018 Registration Packet.

2018 Code of Conduct2018 Code of Conduct

2018 Walk-In Registration Packet

Download, print and fill out this document. You can bring this with you to Walk-In Registration events. **If players Birth Certificate is not on file with the league, a copy of players Birth Certificate must be turned in with this packet to ensure players eligibility to participate.

Walk-In Registration PacketWalk-In Registration Packet

2018 Coaches Application

(Same Application as 2017) This Coaches Application must be completed and turned in to the league prior to the start of practice for each season. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Play-Time Tracker) This is a helpful tool to help coaches keep track of players number of plays played or time player has played in a game.

Play-Time TrackerPlay-Time Tracker

Coach Application - Code of ConductCoach Application - Code of Conduct

Referee Work Permit Docs

Print these 3 documents and complete the forms. Follow the instructions on the forms.

Work Permit 1Work Permit 1

Work Permit 2Work Permit 2

Work Permit 3Work Permit 3

Flag Football Jersey Sizing Chart

You can use this chart to properly size your players. Please feel free to print and save.

Flag Jersey Size ChartFlag Jersey Size Chart

NFL Play 60 Certificate of Achievement

Printable Certificates of Achievement for NFL Play 60 Flag Football. This may be a good option for your team rather than purchasing trophies. Feel free to print and use at your discretion.

Play 60 Cert of AchievePlay 60 Cert of Achieve

Sponsorship Packet

Sponsorship PacketSponsorship Packet

Accident/Incident Form

Accident and Incident FormAccident and Incident Form

PYF By-Laws

PYF By-LawsPYF By-Laws

PYF Football Field Location

PYF Football Field LocationPYF Football Field Location

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