Junior Colts Football: Welcome



See the registration page for more details. 


PRACTICE Begins August 1st.  We will practice every night, Monday thru Friday, from 5:45-8pm thru the month of August. 


UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT We provide the following items for our players: helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, and game jersey. 

Parents need to provide: chin guard, mouth guard, white practice pants, black game pants, compression shorts with cup, long red socks, cleats.

Most of these items can all be purchased at a discount by mentioning Jr. Colts Football at the Johnny Macs on Manchester Rd. However, many items are the least expensive when you purchase them at the Johnny Macs tent that is set up at our equipment hand-out event. PLEASE NOTE: Cleats will need to be purchased for the first day of practice, and will not be available at the Johnny Macs tent.


1)  My kid already has cleats for baseball and soccer; do I need to buy another pair?  No. Any shoe with molded plastic cleats will work.

2) Can my kid use the same mouth guard he wears for another sport? Yes, but I would strongly recommend that you buy a football mouthguard that has the strap that attaches to the face mask. You wouldn't believe how often these kids lose their mouthguards during plays.

3) We would prefer to purchase our own helmet and/or shoulder pads; is that OK? Of course. However, please make sure that the helmet is BLACK so that it is in keeping with our uniform code. 

4) How on earth do you know what size of football pants to buy? Those game pants need to be EXTREMELY tight, so that an opponent can't take the player down by grabbing any extra fabric. Do not buy big so that you child can "grow into them". The practice pants can be a bit looser.  




Questions?  Call your business manager