Park Hill Panthers: From the Beginning

Park Hill Pop Warner Panther Football and Cheerleading started the way most outstanding things do...someone saw a need. That "someone" was Ray Martin.

In 1994, Ray had recently seen a young man get cut from a youth football organization. With tears in his eyes, the young man said, "I just want a chance to show them I can play." Ray’s son made that football team, but he knew he had to do something. He felt, and still does, that every kid, regardless of their size or ability, should get a chance to play football or cheer.

In 1995, Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading was introduced to the Northland. There were only four teams the first year. No glitz, no glamour...just a bunch of kids strapping on helmets and pads and hitting the gridiron. The coaches weren’t Hall of Famers, just guys willing to help! Today there is still no glitz or glamour. But, we have over a hundred kids learning to play football and cheer. We have come along way since 1995!

Each year, Panther Football & Cheerleading gets a little smarter, a little tougher and a little bit bigger. We have more coaches, more players, more cheerleaders and more parents willing to make the Panthers a success. And all of us have been introduced to the simple concept Ray Martin believed back in 1994...when you see a need, don’t just stand there, DO something!

For more information about the Park Hill Panthers, please contact Chris Siebenmorgen at 816.803.1840 or send an email to You can also visit our Panther's Contacts page for a list of the current coaches.