Park Hill Panthers: Football Sweepstakes

2015 Panther Fundraiser

1.      Each child sells (10) sweepstakes tickets at $20.00 each.

2.      Each ticket has all 17 weeks of the NFL season with three teams listed each week

3.      The three teams that score the most combined points for that week win the $100 first place prize. 2nd place pays $75 and third place pays $50. (Ties will split prize money. Total money paid out each week is $225.00 total)

4.      Have the person that buys the ticket fill the bottom portion out completely and tear it off and return it to the Panthers.

5.      Winners will be posted on every week by no later than Thursday. Checks for previous weeks winners will be mailed on the following Saturday.

6.      Extra tickets are available on a first come first serve basis and are not passed out until the stubs and money has been collected from your original 10 sold.

8.      Money and ticket stubs are to be turned in to your business manager no later than 8/24/2015. Any tickets not accounted for after this date will be voided and not included in the sweepstakes.

9.      The original 10 tickets are the mandatory fund raiser. There are no other fundraisers needed this year as long as everyone sells their 10 tickets (NO CANDY!!) We will not take back any of your original 10 tickets unsold, No child will play after week two if they have not participated in the fundraiser.