Park City Little League: Welcome


Sixty years ago, a group of dedicated volunteers came together and started a program geared toward nurturing our children to become the leaders of tomorrow. The same dream of the PCLL founders’ lives on today, there is an urgent need for Park City and the community to continue the vision of enhancing our social condition. We need to give our children positive choices so that they may become confident citizens and future leaders of our society.

Park City Little League is entering its 62nd season in 2012.

We have been serving the East Side of Bridgeport, CT and the children of the entire community with diligence and pride for almost 63 years. We have been chartered with LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, INC. in Williamsport, PA since 1950, making us the oldest Little League on the City of Bridgeport. PCLL has been a constant positive influence in the community. From Three General Electric Baseball Fields on Asylum St., we have been able to offer dynamic program to children between the ages of four thru fifteen. We sought not only to teach the fundamentals of baseball, but also to instill virtues that benefit the children and community as a whole. Park City Little League teaches, discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, respect, and leadership. We are a non-profit organization recognized by both the State and Federal Governments. The program serves inner city children who come from low to moderate income families.




Tuesday, February 14
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