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Welcome to Paris Ringette!

Spring/Summer 3 on 3

7 Sessions from May to August

First session is Monday May 6th, 7 pm at the

Brant Sports Complex, Paris

Check out our 3 on 3 page for more dates and cost.



*Paris Ringette Tournament*

February 21- 23, 2014



Forms available in our handouts and forms section.


...what is Ringette anyway? It's the "Fastest Game on Ice"

  • The sport of Ringette was developed in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario by the late Sam Jacks.
  • A unique winter team sport for girls, Ringette has evolved into a fast paced, exciting sport that combines speed and strategy.
  • Promotes social and emotional maturity by encouraging teamwork through competition and co-operation.
Some of the Rules…
  • Ringette is played on any standard rink.
  • 5 skaters and a goalie.
  • The object is to score goals in the net of your opponent.
  • A straight stick of wood, fibreglas or aluminum is used to pass, control and shoot an 8” hollow ring between teammates.
  • Play is started by a free pass similar to the start of a soccer game.
  • The player “taking the free pass” has five seconds to pass the ring to a teammate…and the game is on!
  • Any stoppage in play will result in a free pass to re-start the game, usually in the nearest free pass circle or as a 'goaltender ring'.
  • Rules restrict any one player from carrying the ring the full length of the ice (no ring hogs), which means more players can be involved in setting up the goals (including defense).