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Friday, January 26
Important Bat Requirements for Baseball Division


Attention: Baseball Parents

There are new bat requirements for baseball that ...

Central, North Elementary, Middle School and High School students from other leagues may play in Parchment!

Changes in the way Little League International regulates league boundaries now permits students who attend a school PHYSICALLY located within the boundaries of another Little League, to play in that league rather than their "home" league.  

For example, students attending Parchment North or Central Elementaries, Middle School or the high school, who live in the Northwoood-Plainwell Little League boundary, may now elect to play in Parchment Little League.  You do need to provide a completed School Enrollment form signed by the principal of the school, along with all other Parchment LL registration paperwork.

If there is a sibling of that student who does not attend those schools, he/she may also play in Parchment HOWEVER, they do need to have a waiver form filed.  This form is available by contacting Dodi Lecki, league president, by clicking on the Board link at the left to find her e-mail.  We don't put e-mail addresses in web pages.

All registration and the School Enrollment Proof forms are available in our Handouts section. 

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Wednesday, September 4
Required Concussion Awareness Program Implemented

Michigan is one of 49 states that has enacted legislation requiring organizations such as Little Leagues and schools, to implement a Concussion Awareness program.  This legislation became fully effective as of June 2013.  This program requires that coaches and managers take an online course that goes over the recognition of the signs and symptoms of a possible concussion, and requires participants suspected of having possibly sustained a concussion, to be immediately removed from play.  It also requires that all parents/guardians AND athletes be given documention about concussions and that they sign a form indicating that they have received said information.

While this is not a Little League Baseball International program, they fully support such programs.  This is a Michigan state law, and we are obligated to follow it.  Thus, NO ATHLETE WILL BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER FOR LITTLE LEAGUE IN PARCHMENT WITHOUT THIS PAPERWORK being presented at the time of registration.

Those interested in managing, coaching, or otherwise assisting with a team during practices or games, is required to complete this online training available FREE here:  You will need to present your completed certificate at the time you turn in your Volunteer Application, so print an extra copy.

Parents/guardians and athletes must complete the Parent/Athlete Information Sheet which is available in the Handouts section.  The completed forms must be turned in at registration.

This program is designed to maximize the safety of all youth athletes and your support of the program is expected.