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Thursday, August 21
Welcome to Parchment Little League

This is to serve as notice that the Parchment Little League will be holding elections on September 25th from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at City Hall. To vote at the September 25th meeting, YOU MUST BE PRESENT. Write in candidates and absentee ballots will not be accepted.

Nominations for the positions of President, VP Baseball, VP Softball, Secretary and Treasurer will be taken at the August 21st meeting from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. and up until Friday, September 12th via e-mail to  You may submit yourself for a position, or you may be nominated for a position by someone else. All nominees will be contacted to verify their interest before being placed on the final ballot for the September election. There are other appointed positions available that the new board will fill in October when they assume their duties.

If you are interested in one of the appointed positions, you may wish to attend the August 21, September 25 or October (date to be announced) board meetings as well to let the new members know. Those interested in one of these board positions should have the interests of the players in the league as their first priority.

Basic duties of each position are below.

President: Conduct all league meetings, attend the District 2 meetings, represent Parchment LL at various functions when needed.

VP Baseball / Softball: Attend District 2 meetings, conduct PLL meetings in the absence of the President, oversee the operations of their respective divisions, resolve any manager/coach/player/fan issues within their divisions.  Assist in finding umpires for games and tournaments.

Secretary: Take minutes of all league meetings, conduct player registration, send out mailings as needed, provide various player/team reports to the board, provide all required paperwork to managers, provide All Star teams with their required paperwork.

Treasurer: Manage the league checking and savings accounts, pay all league bills promptly, record all league expenses and income, provide reports at each board meeting.

The following positions will be appointed by the new board:

Equipment Manager: Puts together the equipment bags for each team and verifies the return of said equipment at the end of the season. Repairs or replaces worn/damaged equipment with the approval of the board. Recommends new equipment as needed.

Concession General Manager: Oversees the operation of the concession including ordering and stocking of products, and maintaining of the equipment. Schedules teams for their shifts for regular season, tournament, and All Star games.

Concession Night Manager: Opens and closes the concession. Runs the cash register and supervises the volunteers who work that night. Cashes out the register and delivers the deposit and receipts to the league Treasurer. There will be one to two nights per manager, depending upon number approved by the board.

If you have any questions, please submit them to, with the subject line of Election Question.

Thank you all for a great 60th season! We hope to see you at the September election.


WEATHER ISSUES AND GAME CANCELLATIONS - In order to facilitate a more effective way to communicate about rain-outs or other important league related information, we have subscribed to Rained Out. If you would like to receive e-mails or text alerts regarding game cancelations or other important league information, please follow the link to subscribe to our system or, text PLLINFO to 84483 to receive text messages. Join Parchment Little League text alerts on RainedOut. Please note, this system does not work with a Google phone number. Our fields generally handle water well, and may be playable even when other leagues have cancelled their games. It may be 5:30 or later before a decision to cancel games is made, as this will allow us time to see how the fields are doing and what additional preparation may be needed. We may be able to get games going after only a brief delay, so please show up. If you are scheduled to work the concession stand, please come up as well unless you have been notified that we have canceled games. If you have any questions, please e-mail

*** LOCATION:  Our fields are located at the Little League Complex at Kindleberger Park in Parchment.  For GPS/mapping purposes only, you can program Kindleberger Park, Parchment, MI 49004 into your system.  You should enter the complex from Park Avenue, not any paved path within the park.  All correspondence with the league should be addressed to PO Box 612. ***

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Monday, June 23
Central, North Elementary, Middle School and High School students from other leagues may play in Parchment!

Changes in the way Little League International regulates league boundaries now permits student who attend a school PHYSICALLY located with the boundaries of another Little League, my choose to play in that league rather than their "home" league.  

 For example, student attending Parchment North Elementary or the high school, who live in the Northwoood-Plainwell Little League boundary, may elect to play in Parchment Little League now.  You do need to provide a completed School Enrollment Proof form signed by the principal of the school, along with all other Parchment LL registration paperwork.

If there is a sibling of that student, who does not attend those schools, he/she may also play in Parchment HOWEVER, they do need to have a waiver form filed.  This is available by contacting Bruce Scheck, league president, by clicking on the Board link at the left to find he e-mail.  We don't put e-mail addresses in web pages.

All registration and the School Enrollment Proof forms are available in our Handouts section.