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Tuesday, July 14
Welcome to Parchment Little League



Congratulations to our 11/12 Girls Softball Team on winning the District 2 championship!  The team will now play in the Michigan state tournament beginning on Friday, July 17th at 9 a.m.  

There will be fifteen teams from across all of Michigan (UP to Vicksburg) coming to Parchment to compete for the title of State Champion, and the chance to go to regionals in Indianpolis, IN.   

There will be three days (Fri-Sun) of pool play, followed on Monday by quarter and semi-finals.  The championship game will be played at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 21st.  For a full schedule of Pool Play games, please see the Links Section and select the 2015 11/12 Softball State Tournament Pool Play Schedule.

For directions to the park, you may search Kindleberger Park, Parchment, MI.  Please note, the entrance to the park is the one in the middle of Park Ave.  The gate at Orient is an EXIT ONLY.  The concession stand will be serving burgers, brats, hot dogs, polish sausages, Pepsi products, and assorted candies and cold items. 

We encourage everyone to come out and support the Parchment girls as they square off against the rest of the best in the state!  Their games are Friday 3:00, Saturday 11:30, Sunday 5:30.





IMPORTANT REMINDER- students who attend the middle school, Central or North Elementary, or  the high school, but live outside of the Parchment Little League boundaries MAY REGISTER TO PLAY IN PARCHMENT.  These are the only schools eligible for the school district waiver.  NORTHWOOD does not qualify, as it is outside of our league boundary.  

If you wish to enroll under this policy, you must have a completed Little League® Baseball and Softball School Enrollment Form with you when you register.  This form is available in the Handouts section.

 PROSPECTIVE MANAGERS, COACHES AND TEAM HELPERS:  If you have not already completed the online Concussion Awareness Training and provided us with a copy of the certificate that you can print at the conclusion of the coures, please go to the Links section at left and follow the link to the course.  Once completed, please print TWO copies of the certificate - one for your records, one to turn into us with your Volunteer application.  You do not need to repeat the course if you have already done it, but you must ensure that we have a copy of the certificate. 

WEATHER ISSUES AND GAME CANCELLATIONS - In order to facilitate a more effective way to communicate about rain-outs or other important league related information, we have subscribed to Rained Out. If you would like to receive e-mails or text alerts regarding game cancelations or other important league information, please follow the link to subscribe to our system or, text PLLINFO to 84483 to receive text messages. Join Parchment Little League text alerts on RainedOut. Please note, this system does not work with a Google phone number. Our fields generally handle water well, and may be playable even when other leagues have cancelled their games. It may be 5:30 or later before a decision to cancel games is made, as this will allow us time to see how the fields are doing and what additional preparation may be needed. We may be able to get games going after only a brief delay, so please show up. If you are scheduled to work the concession stand, please come up as well unless you have been notified that we have canceled games. If you have any questions, please e-mail

*** LOCATION:  Our fields are located at the Little League Complex at Kindleberger Park in Parchment.  For GPS/mapping purposes only, you can program Kindleberger Park, Parchment, MI 49004 into your system.  You should enter the complex from Park Avenue, not any paved path within the park.  All correspondence with the league should be addressed to PO Box 612. ***

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Wednesday, January 28
Central, North Elementary, Middle School and High School students from other leagues may play in Parchment!

Changes in the way Little League International regulates league boundaries now permits students who attend a school PHYSICALLY located within the boundaries of another Little League, to play in that league rather than their "home" league.  

For example, students attending Parchment North Elementary or the high school, who live in the Northwoood-Plainwell Little League boundary, may now elect to play in Parchment Little League.  You do need to provide a completed School Enrollment Proof form signed by the principal of the school, along with all other Parchment LL registration paperwork.

If there is a sibling of that student, who does not attend those schools, he/she may also play in Parchment HOWEVER, they do need to have a waiver form filed.  This is available by contacting Dodi Lecki, league president, by clicking on the Board link at the left to find her e-mail.  We don't put e-mail addresses in web pages.

All registration and the School Enrollment Proof forms are available in our Handouts section.