Paramus Summer Tournament: Welcome

  Welcome to the 2014 Paramus Summer Tournament!

Thank you to all the teams who participated in this year's tournament.  Congratulations to all the champions and runner ups.  We will have information for next summer's tournament in early 2015.  Please check out the web site for all the information for next year's tournament and we hope to see all you come back for another great year of baseball  Thanks again - PST Staff 

Here is the playoff bracket link.  Winning team must report the score to asap after the game.  

2014 PST Champions 

14U Harrington Park  - Champions        Oakland - Runner up

13U  Paramus - Champions                    Wood-Ridge - Runner up

12U Montclair Bulldogs - Champions     Ramsy Blue  - Runner up

11U Ramsey Slect - Champions             Elmwood Park - Runner up

10U Bergenfield - Champions                Ramsey Select - Runnner up

9/10 Saddle Brook - Champions           Teaneck Baseball - Runner up 

9U    Clifton - Champions                        Ramsey - Runner up  

8U Teaneck baseball Org. - Champions  Paramus - Runner up           

  Cut off dates:  All scores must be reported by 10pm the night of the cutoff or they will not count.  If you are going to be late that night because of a late game please send email to the day before.  Brackets will go up the night of the cut off date.  All games need to be played when scheduled. First and second round games must be completed prior to the semi final dates in Paramus.  The dates of the semi finals and finals will be up soon.   Once games get to Paramus for semi final and final round they will go on as scheduled.  If it rains we go next day.  Be prepared to play. 

14U July 17th last day of games           Playoffs begin July 19th

13U July 19th last day of games           Playoffs begin July 21st

12U  July 17th last day of games          Playoffs begin July 19th

11U July 22nd last day of games       Playoffs begin July 25th

10U July 22nd last day of games       Playoffs begin July 24th

9/10B July 22nd last day of games        Playoffs begin July 23rd 

9U July 16th last day of games              Playoffs begin July 17th   

8U July 22nd last day of games             Playoffs begin July 24th

Teams need to play a minimum number of games to qualify for playoffs.  Please check rules for minimum number.  



There is no drop third strike in any 46x60 division only in 12U 50/70 Division.

There is no "Slashing Allowed".  Slashing is when a child sets up to bunt a ball and then swings at the pitch.  The umpire shall call dead ball immediately and rule the batter out and all runners must return to their base if this happens.  This is a safety concern and we don't want to see anyone get hurt.  

Please use link below for all schedules and standings this year.

All Schedules are up

Contact info for managers is located in Handout Section on left side of Page 


Remember to play games as scheduled.  If there is a conflict please work it out with your opponents.  The PST allows this flexability with teams, but we expect teams to play all of their games.  

Manager Contacts are on web site under "Handouts".   If there are any corrections please send to 

Home Team is responsible for getting and Paying for Umpires 

All scores this year must be reported by the winning manager to

Please include Division, original date of game, teams and score  

 2014 PST Rules 

2014 PST Roster Form 

13U & 14U Manager Contacts 

12U 50/70 Manager Contacts 

All other Manager Contact info Under "Handouts" 

8U-12U teams are updated. Schedules are being made and will be online shortly. 

Absolutely The Best Summer Tournament in North Jersey!!

  • Town Only Divisions (Players must all be from same town)
  • Some of the Most Competitive Teams in Area will be in the Tournament!
  • Flexible Schedules
  • 8B Coach Pitch, through 14U Divisions 
  • 50x 70 Option for 12U Divisions
  • Players are only permitted to be on one roster
  • Players may play up an age group provided they are again only on one roster
  • The age cutoff for all divisions is April 30th 
  • 60x90 13U and 14U
  • Semi’s and Final’s in Paramus 
  • Little League Rules unless specifically indicated
  • Team trophy and Individual trophies to Each Finalist (1st and 2nd Place)
  • Season Starts End of June (Specific dates TBA)
  • Season Will End NO Later than July 31st.
  • Rates: 13U-14U= $350; 8U-12U=$300; 8B=$175(For Payment Directions please see Payment Info in handout Section)



13U & 14U May 29th

8U to 12U May 30th


13U & 14U Season to begin around June 12-14th

8U-12U Season to begin around June 16th  


13U & 14U (60x90)

12U & 11U (50x70)

12U, 11U, 10U, 10B, 9U (46x60) 10B includes 9B Teams

8U (42x60)

8B Includes 7U players as this is Coach Pitch

 2014 Registered Teams 

14U 13U 12U 50/70
Dumont  Dumont  Clifton
Elmwood Park LL Elmwood Park LL Hawthorne
Ramsey Blue Hawthorne Montclair 
Harrington Park Paramus North Arlington
Hawthorne Ramsey Blue Oakland
Oakland River Edge Oradell
Park Ridge Flash Teaneck Southern Paramus
Ridgewood Rebels Westwood Pompton Lakes
Paramus Wood Ridge Ramsey Blue 
Wayne   Ramsey Gold
Wayne Warriors   River Edge
    Teaneck Southern
11U 46x60 10U 9/10B
Wanaque Clifton Elmwood Park LL
Elmwood Park LL Lodi  Oakland 
Fair Lawn Bergenfield Mahwah
Paramus Paramus - Ciani Paramus
Ramsey Blue Paramus - Teehan Teaneck baseball org
Ramsey Select Ramsey Select Wayne
Ridgewood Raiders Teaneck Southern Ramsey Gold
Teaneck Southern   Ramsey Blue
Wayne   Teaneck Southern
    Rochelle Park
    Saddle Brook
9U 8U 42x60 8B
Bergenfield Paramus - Putrino Wayne
Clifton Paramus - Vartolone Hillsdale
Elmwood Park LL Ramsey Paramus
Maywood Rochelle Park River Edge
Midland Park Teaneck Baseball Org Rochelle Park
Ramsey Blue Teaneck Southern White Saddle Brook
Ramsey Gold Wayne Upper Saddle River
River Edge Teaneck Southern Blue Fair Lawn Red 
Wayne Saddle Brook Fair Lawn White
Wood Ridge Hawthorne  
  Glen Rock  

 Rule Clarification

If batting 10, the extra player is allowed to play the field - for 8U through 12U only

             (when batting ten or entire line-up players throughout the game, all players can be moved

               to different positions and/or on the bench at the managers discretion. Keep in mind:

             - Pitchers cannot return to the mound once they are replaced

            - only nine players may be on the field at any time

 The PST would like to thank all of the teams who participated in last year's tournament. We hope all of the players had a positive experience playing baseball this summer.  We look forward to seeing all of you this year as the tournament continues to grow every year.  Registration for the 2014 PST is happening now, please see the form and information below.   

2013 PST Champions

14U Champion - Midland Park              Runner up - Wyckoff

13U Champion - Paterson                Runner up - Ridgewood

12U50/70 Champion - Ramsey             Runner up - Hillsdale

12U46/60 Champion - Bergenfield       Runner up - Paramus

11U Champion - Ramsey      Runner up - Hasbrouck Heights

10U Champion - Mahwah                    Runner up - Ramsey

9/10U Champion  - Elmwood Park LL  Runner up - Bergenfield

9U Champion - Paterson                     Runner up - Ramsey

8U Champion - Paramus                Runner up - Wood Ridge


Handout: 2014 PST Registration

Monday, May 20
2012 PST Results


12U 50X70
12 46X60