Paramus Little League: Welcome

2015 All Star Saturday at Midland Field  


9:30 am American League Game


11:30 am Home Run Contest


1:00 pm Major League Game


Please come and join us for a great and exciting day 


2015 PJBL Playoff Schedule 


Date Time  League Home  Away Location
6/1/2015 530pm Minors Orioles Athletics Complex
6/1/2015 530pm Minors Marlins Cardinals Sirianni
6/1/2015 530pm Majors Dodgers Orioles Midland
6/4/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Complex
6/4/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Sirianni
6/4/2015 530pm Majors Rays TBD Midland
6/4/2015 730pm Majors Cardinals Athletics Complex
6/5/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Complex
6/5/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Sirianni
6/5/2015 530pm Majors Athletics Cardinals Midland
6/5/2015 730pm Majors TBD Rays Complex
6/6/2015 1000am Majors Rays TBD Midland
6/6/2015 1000am Minors TBD TBD Complex
6/6/2015 100pm Majors Cardinals Athletics Midland
6/6/2015 100pm Minors TBD TBD Complex
6/9/2015 530pm Majors TBD TBD Midland
6/9/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Complex
6/10/2015 530pm Majors TBD TBD Midland
6/10/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Complex
6/11/2015 530pm Majors TBD TBD Midland
6/11/2015 530pm Minors TBD TBD Complex


 The next PJBL General Meeting will be Wednesday, June 8th @ 8:00 pm at the Petruska Park Field House.  All managers & coaches are encouage to attend.  


The next Executive Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 23rd, @ 800pm at the Al Daeschler Field House.

Tuesday, March 5
PJBL Volunteer Information



Volunteer Forms must be filled out by all coaches:

Any individual who intends to coach or manage this year must completely fill out a 2015 Volunteer Form and forward it to in order to be on the field or in the dugout. The form requires a signature and must also have a scoial security number so a complete background check can be done. All first time coaches must also submit a photo ID (Driver's License) and a copy of their R.U.T.G.E.R.S. Safety Card. There is a class schedule and information on the R.U.T.G.E.R.S. Safety Course in the "Handout/Forms" Section. Every volunteer in PJBL must have a background conducted before they are permitted to be on the field.  Anyone who does not complete the necessasy paperwork will not be permitted on the field and will be suspended until further notice if they are caught on the field. There will be no exceptions. Please complete all items and submit them to one of the below: 

All returning coaches who were certified in 2014 must use Form "Returning Volunteer"

All new coaches must use form "New Volunteer"  

Email forms to

or bring to a General League meeting. (Check calendar section for dates)

Once the volunteer is cleared to be on the field their name will be put on the web site under the tab "Certified Volunteers". The forms are in the "Handout Section".

Get On Our e-Mail List

If you wish to be included on our PJBL e-mail mailing list and receive periodic information as to PJBL news and activities please send an e-mail to  

requesting to be added to the e-mail list. The e-mail list is used solely for communicating PJBL information and is not otherwise distributed. It is the most cost efficient and the most effective way of being kept informed of all of our league activities. So send an e-mail to join!

2014 Paramus Spartans Travel Guidelines for Parents

The Paramus Spartans travel committee has posted their travel guidlelines for parents in the handout section.  The document outlines the program, expectations and responsibilities of all involved.

You can access the file by going to the "Handouts" section or simply click the link below.

Should you have any questions, please email



Handout: 2014 Paramus Spartans Travel Guidelines for Parents

Sunday, February 20
Little League Composite Bat Changes

Please follow the link below to see which bats are approved for Little League play this year.  Keep checking back often as they add bats weekly to their list. 

Approved Composite Bats:

All other approved bats:

Contact Us

If you have a question you can reach us by any method below:

E-MAIL (Preferable):

or you can leave a message on our league telephone (201) 444-6788

By Mail

PO Box 231

Paramus, NJ 07652

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