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Tuesday, August 27
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  • A PDGA Course Directory ($15.00 value)

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All of this for only $5.00 more that the PDGA charges for a standard membership. To join send me an email if you are interested in submitting your PDGA application through PAR-TWO Discgolf Society.



Tuesday, September 7
2005 Steady Ed Headrick Memorial Disc Golf Weekend Planned

There will be an annual slatute to the creater of the modern flying disc and the inventor of the sport of disc golf.

The event is in the planning stage and will be held over one weekend in August.

PAR-TWO would like to see more local clubs and coordinators get involved.

The event is a festival of discs. Other disc sports are welcome to join such as Freestyle, DDC, Guts and Ultimate players. They are encouraged to setup a demo or even host a game.

There will be commemorative disc sales for approx $7.00 - $11.00 each and $1.00 from each disc goes to the DGA's Disc Museum Fund and $2.00 to your local club.

To get involved sign up for the mailing list at "" Once you join get caught up by reading the postings at "" Then send message to the group introducing yourself with what part of the country you are representing and the course that you will be at on the weekend of the event.


Discgolf, is a game that involves throwing a flying disc (not your throw and catch style Frisbee®) into an elevated metal basket or other specified target from various distances and through obstacles such as trees, streams, hills and what ever the terrain has to offer.

Our Mission:

A superb example of putting! - Photo by Jimm
PAR-TWO Discgolf Society is dedicated to the growth of discgolf everywhere. From teaching Scouts how to throw at a Jamboree to installing new courses in public parks and private communities, PAR-TWO is there.

We offer those who have never played before, an opportunity to learn the basics. Our resources are used by players through the advanced level.

PAR-TWO plans to have several more courses installed in Central Ohio and plans to conduct PDGA sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments of all levels to increase the involved it discgolf.

Join PAR-TWO Discgolf Society's website and...

For Rent will gain access to our entire site. will be eligible to enter our contests. can sign up for weekly sport tips. will NOT receive bulk emails. can cancel at any time.

   Get your FREE membership Join Now!

How to be a good spotter.
Spotters are an important factor at a tournament.

They help with the speed of play as well as helping ...

Friday, October 19
Interested in more courses in Central Ohio?

If so click on "Message Boards" to the left and post in the "New Courses in Central Ohio" area. Currently we are looking into 4 sites for the next course.

Thursday, October 25
Take a discgolf poll, AND/OR sign up for our newsletter.


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Discgolf Basics

Discgolf Basics - Photo by Darcy



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PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society
PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society
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