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Team Panthers
Laurence Pan
186 Windermere Road S.W.
Calgary, Canada
T3C 3K8

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Saturday, May 6



- Winning isn't everything, but Making the Effort To Win Is
- The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do
- Never underestimate the value of a proper mental ATTITUDE
- First with the head, then with the heart, develop decision-making skills and keeping emotional response in check

Humble & Humility; Enjoy the Sport or Activity; Always do your best; Team player is a must; what do we have "HEART"

"You can always get better if you work hard and keep your mind open. Soccer is a beautiful game that only gets more enjoyable as your skill and understanding rise. As long as you have passion for it, play as much as you can"


 2017 Outdoor Premier League - 

2016 Outdoor Premier League -  

2016 Indoor Major League - Provincials Bronze

2015 Outdoor Premier League - Provincials Silver

Season finishing first, with 16 W 2 T , 90 GF and 20 GA

2014 Outdoor Premier League  - Provincials Bronze

Season finishing first,  with 15 W 1 L, 85GF and 15 GA

2013 Outdoor Premier League  - Provincials Bronze

Season finishing  with 10 W 5 L 3 T, 42 GF and 19 GA

2012 Outdoor Premier League - Provincials fourth place

   Finshing 1st place with 12 W 2 L 4 T 41 GF and 21 GA

2011 Outdoor Division One - Provinicals Gold

   Finishing 1st place with 16 W 1 L 1 T, 51 GF and 17 GA

 - Player Guidance -

1. Craft your role on the team and fine tune it constantly.
2. If you love the game, you can and you should improve. Make a personal re-commitment to excellence every day
3. You must treat each practice as a time to have fun, learn, and get better. Treat each game as chance to show how much how you like playing and competing.
4. If you provide an honest rate of dedication in practice, you will receive more freedom to play on game day.
5. When you are a substitute, always stay alert to the game. When you enter the game, be ready to jump into the flow of the match and to make a difference with energy and sharpness

 - Areas of Growth
1. To continually grasp that you are playing because you love the game.
2. Recognize that practice demands effort and concentration.
3. To realize you are good, but can always improve.
4. To be a self-starter, work on your own.
5. Be proficient in goal scoring, it is usually the difference winning and losing.
6. Develop Speed of Thought on the field.
7. Become more skillful with the ball.
8. Get Physically faster and stronger.
9. Improve long distance passing and shooting.
10. Become a passionate supporter and knowledgeable student of the Game.

 - General Rules
1. The primary goal is always to develop quality players in training in the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game.
2. All players in this program have to be absolutely determined to succeed in soccer
3. Players have to cultivate their enthusiasm for training, matches and the sports as a whole.
4. The training plan is built around important basic requirements that every player must learn.
5. Learn to deal with obstacles and disappointments.
6. Demand the best of yourself.
7. Always be accepting of fellow players (social components).
8. Be respectful of coaches , referees & club managers.
9. Be a good sport, both on and off the field (fairness).
10. Parents play an exceptionally important role in both the positive and the negative sense. Many of them are overly concerned with protecting their daughters/sons, and so they try to control things behind the senses. However, this interferes with young players ability to think and act independently.
11. We do concerned about education. Soccer training must not be at the expense of academic performance.

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"The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack." - Unknown
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