Wednesday, August 6
Welcome to Pantano Little League: Tucson, Arizona

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pantano Little League home page.

**Important announcements**

General Membership Meeting

There is a general membership meeting to vote for a new Board of Directors for Pantano Little League. This year’s meeting is Monday July 28th at the Golf Links Library (Large conference room) at 5:30. If you are unable to attend and would like to fill out an absentee ballot please contact James Bess and he will send you the ballot and collect it from you prior to the date. You can contact James at 955-3481 to receive your absentee ballot.

Person's eligible to vote at the general meeting are Managers, coaches, team moms, current board members, and volunteers that have had an impact on the 2014 spring season.

2014 Fall Ball registration will take place on following date:

Our last chance for Registration will be this Friday August 8th from 5:30 - 6:30 PM at the Jesse Owens Minor snack bar (Located by the Pre-minor fields).

***Please remember to bring proof of age and address verification****

Little League’s fall ball season gives players a great opportunity to work on additional training and development for all ages. Goals for Pantano’s fall ball season include:

• Provide additional playing opportunities to any interested players in the league regardless of ability (Tee-ball - Juniors)

• Recruit new players, volunteers and sponsors to the Little League program

• Provide an additional opportunity for players to transition to the next level to help players prepare for the upcoming spring season

• Reach out to players who participate in other sports in the Spring (basketball, soccer, etc.)

• Reach out to players who participate in competing baseball or softball programs

• Reach out to parents and others associated with the league to get them involved in a small volunteer role during the second season (assist in prepping the field before one game, coaching, etc.)

• Presents an opportunity for interested players to continue playing during the summer and fall months when weather may be more conducive to playing baseball and softball

• Players may participate in second season programs at the league age that they will attain for the following season

• Leagues can offer players the opportunity to “play up” an age and see if there is interest in participating in a new division of play

• Provides players an additional opportunity to transition to the next level of play by providing the opportunity to participate at the league age that they will attain for the next spring season or to remain at their existing level of play to gain additional experience

Thank you for a great Spring 2014 season

Pantano Little League,

Tucson, Az.

Please stop back often throughout the season as we will be updating information related to Divisions, try-outs, baseball camps and seminars, as well as other useful information that is designed to give you and your young player the best experience possible.