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Sudbury Panhellenic Soccer Club
Sudbury Panhellenic Soccer Club:Past Tournament Winners  
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Get Directions to Sudbury Panhellenic Soccer ClubSudbury Local Weather
Sudbury Panhellenic Soccer Club
Panhellenic Soccer Club
1513 Paris Street
Sudbury, Canada
P3E 3B7
  Past Tournament Winners  

Saturday, July 23
Check out all the 2011 Panhellenic Tournament results!

Check out all the 2010 Panhellenic Tournament Results!

2010 Sudbury Panhellenic Tournament Results

U11 BOYS  Champions  South Simcoe United F.C.     Finalists   North Bay Select Vipers

U11 GIRLS  Champions  N.W.O.S.C. Bulldogs            Finalists   Sault Civics

U12 BOYS  Champions  Darlington Wanderers          Finalists    Barrie Spirit "B"

U12 GIRLS  Champions   Bradford Eagles                Finalists     Valley East 98

U13 BOYS  Champions  Sault Civics 97                  Finalists     Bradford Eagles 97

U13 GIRLS  Champions  Sault Civics Red                Finalists     Valley East Vipers

U14 BOYS  Champions  North Bay Jets                  Finalists     Sault Civics

U14 GIRLS  Champions  Sault Civics White             Finalists     Bradford Eagles 96

U16 BOYS  Champions  North Bay Select Century 21 United Finalists  Sault Civics

U16 GIRLS  Champions  North Bay Stingers             Finalists    Paris F.C.

U17 BOYS  Champions  Bradford Eagles                 Finalists     Sudbury Italia Flyers

U17 GIRLS  Champions  Panhellenic Lightning         Finalists     Paris F.C.

U18 BOYS  Champions  South Simcoe United F.C.    Finalists    Valley East

U21 MEN'S Champions  Panhellenic United              Finalists    Sudbury Athletic

WOMEN'S OPEN Champions  Gloucester Hornets      Finalists    Panhellenic Power

Check out all the 2009 tournament scores!

2009 Sudbury Panhellenic Tournament Results

U11 GIRLS Champions- Bradford Eagles Finalists- Sault Civic Surge

U12 GIRLS Champions- Sault Civics Colour Your World Finalists- Barrie Spirit A

U13 GIRLS Champions- Sault Civics Vipers Finalists- Barrie Spirit B

U14 GIRLS Champions- Barrie Spirit B Finalists- Sudbury Panhellenic Thunder

U15 GIRLS Champions- Barrie Spirit Finalists- North Bay Stingers

U16 GIRLS Champions- Sudbury Panhellenic Lightning Finalists- Cambridge United

U21 WOMEN Champions- Huntsville Strikers Finalists- North Bay Fitzgerald United Falcons

WOMEN’S OPEN Champions- Gloucester Hornets Finalists- Sault System International 

U11 BOYS Champions- Woodbridge Strikers Finalists- Barrie Spirit

U12 BOYS Champions- East York United FC Finalists- Bradford Eagles 97

U13 BOYS Champions- Caledon KIXX Finalists- North Bay Jets

U14 BOYS Champions- Sudbury Italia Flyers Finalists- Oshawa Turul Knights

U15 BOYS Champions- Collingwood United Finalists- Sudbury Athletic 

U16 BOYS Champions- Sudbury Italia Flyers Azzurri Finalists- North Bay HBC Selects

U17 BOYS Champions- Sault Civics Finalists- Nepean City Storm

U18 BOYS Champions- Sudbury Panhellenic Kronos Finalists- North Bay Wolverines   

2008 Panhellenic Tournament Results
U11 GIRLS Champions- Sault Civics "A" Finalists- Valley East Harrigan Builders 
U12 GIRLS Champions- Lucidia Sault Civics Finalists- Barrie Allstars
U13 GIRLS Champions- Panhellenic Thunder Finalists- S.C. Italia Diavoli
U14 GIRLS Champions- Panhellenic Storm Finalists- North Bay Stingers
U16 GIRLS Champions- Panhellenic Lightning Finalists- Bradford Eagles
U18 GIRLS Champions- North Bay United Finalists- Sudburnia Wildcats
Women's Open Champions- Sudbury Women's Panhellenic Power Finalists- Pont Rouge Patriotes
U11 BOYS Champions- Burlington Thunder Finalists- Thunder Bay Chill
U12 BOYS Champions- Brampton East Flames Finalists- Sault Civics Scotiabank
U13 BOYS Champions- Erin Mills Eagles Finalists- Panhellenic Spitfire
U14 BOYS Champions- Barrie Spirit "A" Finalists- West Rouge Storm
U15 BOYS Champions- Barrie Spirit Finalists- Sault Civics 
U16 BOYS Champions- Prouse Firebird Sault Civics Finalists- North Bay Blizzards
U18 BOYS Champions- Panhellenic United Finalists- North Bay Wolverines 

2007 Panhellenic Tournament results
U11 GIRLS Champions- Lucidia/Sportscenter Sault Civics Finalists- Barrie Spirit A
U12 GIRLS Champions- Sault Civics Finalists- Collingwood Comets
U14 GIRLS Champions- North Bay Lightning Finalists- Valley East Harrigan Builders
U15 GIRLS Champions- Kemptville Kougars Finalists- Sault Shock Civics
U16 GIRLS Champions- Sault Firestorm Civics Finalists- Barrie Spirit
U18 GIRLS Champions- Barrie Spirit Finalists- Sudburnia Wildcats
U21 W Champions- Bradford Eagles Finalists- Georgetown Mustangs
U11 BOYS Champions- Brampton East Flames Finalists- Scotiabank Sault Civics
U12 BOYS Champions- North Toronto Nitros 95 Finalists- OISC Eagles
U13 BOYS Champions- Owen Sound Celtic Finalists- Woodstock Warriors
U14 BOYS Champions- Sudbury Panhellenic '93's Finalists- S.C. Italia Eagles
U15 BOYS Champions- Barrie U15-B Finalists- Windsor Hellenic
U16 BOYS Champions- Panhellenic United Finalists- Gloucester Hornets
U18 BOYS Champions- North Bay Wolverines Finalists- Simcoe Strikers

U11 GIRLSChampions-Newmarket HurricanesFinalists-Sault St. Marie Civics
U13 GIRLSChampions-U12 Barrie Spirit “A” Finalists-Sudbury Panhellenic Lightning
U14 GIRLSChampions-Sault Shock Finalists-Woodstock Pacers
U16 GIRLSChampions-U15 North Bay UnitedFinalists-Sudburnia Wildcats
U18 GIRLSChampions-Sault ThunderFinalists- Sudbury Panhellenic Strikers
WOMEN'S OPENChampions-Sudbury PanhellenicFinalist-Dave’s Variety Norfolk S.C.
U11 BOYSChampions-Burlington WarriorsFinalists-Highland Ford Sault Civics
U12 BOYSChampions-Sault St. Marie StrikersFinalists-Sudbury Athletic Paul Lizotte Fuels
U13 BOYSChampions-Italia Flyers AzzurriFinalists-Sudbury Panhellenic 93’s
U14 BOYSChampions-Ottawa South United PowerFinalists-Sudbury Panhellenic Thunder
U16 BOYSChampions-Sudbury Panhellenic 90’sFinalists-U15 Sudbury Panhellenic United
U18 BOYSChampions-Brampton Blue Devils Finalists-Sudbury Panhellenic Timberwolves

U11 GIRLSChampions-Barrie SpiritFinalists-U10 Erin Mills Mighty Eagles
U12 GIRLSChampions-Sudburnia Wildcats Finalists-Timmins Grant Forest
U14 GIRLSChampions-Ajax Invasion Finalists-Sudbury Panhellenic 91's
U16 GIRLSChampions-Sudbury Panhellenic 90'sFinalists-Barrie Spirit
U18 GIRLSChampions-Bradford EaglesFinalists- Sudbury Panhellenic Strikers
U10 BOYSChampions-Erin Mills EaglesFinalists-Hamilton Sparta
U11 BOYSChampions-North York Hearts AzzurriFinalists-National Supply Sault Civics
U12 BOYSChampions-Sudbury Italia FlyersFinalists-Oakville Fury
U13 BOYSChampions-Barrie SpiritFinalists-Richmond Hill Raiders
U14 BOYSChampions-Sudbury Panhellenic UnitedFinalists-Erin Mills Eagles
U15 BOYSChampions-East York LightningFinalists-Sudbury Panhellenic 90 Boys
U17 BOYSChampions-Sudbury Panhellenic Timberwolves 88Finalists-Bradford Eagles
U18 BOYSChampions-Windsor WheelsFinalists-Valley East

2004 Tournament Results

U10 Mixed - Sudbury Athletic Finalist - Timmins
U11 Mixed - Guelph Royals Finalist - Siemans Jack Degas Prowlers
U13B - Sudbury Italia Flyers Finalist - Sudbury Panhellenic Storm
U14B - Sudbury Panhellenic Finalist - North Bay Wolverines
U15B - Malton Fury Finalist - Sudbury Panhellenic A.E.K.
U17B - U16 Sudbury Panhellenic Timberwolves Finalist - U17 Sudbury Italia Flyers

U11G - S.S.M. Seamless Evestrough Civics Finalist - Valley East Harrigan Builders
U14G - Sudbury Panhellenic Just Soccer Finalist -Cookstown
U16G - Sudbury Panhellenic Strikers Finalist - U15 Valley East
Womens' Open - U18 Sudbury Panhellenic Finalist - U18 S.S.M. Civics


2003 Tournament Results

U10B - Erin Mills Golden Eagles
U12B - Oakville Lightning
U13B - West Toronto Cobras
U14B - Sudbury Panhellenic AEK 89's
U15B - Sudbury Panhellenic Timberwolves
U16B - Sudbury S.C. Italia
U17B - Barrie Spirit
U18B - Sault Ste. Marie Civics

U11G - Sudbury Canadians
U12G - Sault Ste. Marie Hi-Tech Security Civics
U13G - Sudbury Panhellenic Just Soccer
U14G - Sudbury Panhellenic Panthers
U15G - Sudbury Panhellenic Strikers
U19G - Sudbury Panhellenic United
Womens' Open - Sault Ste. Marie


2002 Panhellenic Tournament Winners

U10 Girls - York Raiders

U11 Girls - Sault Hi Tec Security

U11 Boys - Oakville Energy

U12 Boys - East York Lightning

U13 Girls - A - Sault Maaco Painting/Systems Int.

U13 Girls - B - Sudbury Panhellenic

U13 Boys - Sudbury Panhellenic AEK 89's

U14 Girls - Aurora Stingers

U14 Boys - Bradford Eagles

U15 Girls - Collingwood Comets

U15 Boys - Oshawa Kicks 87 Boys United

U16 Boys - North Bay Voyageur Inn

U18 Boys - Hydraulic Solution Sault Civics

U19 Girls - Sudbury Panhellenic 18

Womens - Collingwood United


2001 Panhellenic Tournament Winners

U10 Boys - Sudbury Italia Flyers

U11 Boys - Woodbridge Strikers

U11 Girls - Barrie Spirit

U12 Girls - Barrie Spirit

U12 Boys - Scarborough Olympic Flames

U13 Boys - Sudbury Panhellenic Timberwolves

U14 Girls- Soo Civics

U14 Boys - North Mississauga Raiders

U15 Boys- Saltfleet Go Ahead

U16 Girls - Sudbury Panhellenic

U16 Boys - Scarborough Olympic Flames

U17 Girls - Whitby Iroquois Storm

U17 Boys - Pembroke Tigers

U18 Boys - St. Thomas

U19 Girls - Sudbury Panhellenic


2000 Panhellenic Tournament Winners

U10 Boys - St. Catherines Roma

U11 Girls - Oshawa Turul

U11 Boys - Ajax Warriors

U12 Boys - Barrie Spirit

U13 Girls - Sudbury Panhellenic

U13 Boys - Sudbury Panhellenic

U14 Girls - Markham

U14 Boys - Soo Civics

U15 Boys - Soo Civics

U16 Girls - Burlington

U16 Boys - Bradford

U17 Boys - Barrie Spirit

U19 Girls - Sudbury Canadians


1999 Panhellenic Tournament Winners

U12 Boys - Scarborough Olympic Flames

U14 Boys - Sudbury Italia Flyers

U15 Boys - Bradford

U16 Boys - Sudbury Panhellenic

Sudbury Panhellenic Soccer Club
Sudbury Panhellenic Soccer Club
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